What I really do when I say “I’m studying”

Below is a list of things I have done when I was supposed to study. I’ll keep updating this during all six of my study years (although I started this in my second year…), so that when I graduate I can look back and see what I did right 😀
Perhaps I’ll turn this into a post after those six years, but for now it shall remain a page where I will keep adding my methods of procrastination!

  • thought about creating a list like this
  • cleaned my room
  • did some laundry
  • made dinner
  • watched plant videos on YouTube (plants that don’t need a lot of light, low maintenance plants, most realistic fake plants)
  • watered my plants
  • did the dishes
  • watched “Summer DIY”-videos on YouTube
  • wasted hours on Pinterest
  • took a nap (they’re called power naps, right?)
  • wrote (in my diary) about how much I have to study
  • made a to do-list
  • watched a movie (or three)
  • re-arranged my furniture
  • moved my furniture back because the new arrangement looked stupid
  • took a bath
  • went on a picnic with the intention to study (didn’t study)
  • Googled “safety boots size 37” (both for Finland-based stores and Estonia-based stores)
  • went to sleep knowing how much I should have studied
  • watched handwriting analysis videos on YouTube
  • watched videos on “How to improve your handwriting” on YouTube
  • did handwriting excercises
  • wrote in my diary about how I’m trying to improve my handwriting
  • made this page!
  • tried o figure out why our yard looks like a construction site (this may or may not include checking to see if any of the builders were good-looking… which none of them were)
  • spent an hour (or three) just staring at my lamp – what an ugly lamp it is… does this count as meditation?
  • ate a ton of chocolate
  • made pizza… and ate some (maybe too much)
  • watched Survivors
  • tried to find motivational speeches on TED
  • worked on some other school project
  • downloaded some books… educational books, just not related to the topic I was supposed to study
  • phoned my mum to talk about nothing in particular
  • planned what I need to pack for Christmas holiday
  • planned how to keep my plants alive over Christmas holiday
  • made a cup of glögg and watched random vlogs on YouTube
  • knit a sock
  • … or 5
  • propagated my pothos plant
  • spent way too much time watching nail art tutorials on YouTube
  • went on AliExpress and looked at nail polishes
  • … bought some earrings instead
  • listened do Disney songs in Estonian
  • juiced a lime and a lemon for tomorrow’s water
  • helped Juulia make important decisions regarding her “room decor”
  • … and helped her fulfill her decoration dreams (she’s not the best with tools 😉 )
  • taught myself to crochet
  • lay flat on the dock for hours
  • … and came back inside to find myself looking like a freshly boiled lobster
  • crocheted scrunchies using this tutorial
  • made pancakes
  • took a nap with three kittens and a dog
  • walked the dog (barefoot) and got a shard of glass in my heel
  • cleaned and polished my riding shoes









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