The University Tag

Since I really enjoy watching all kinds of tag videos on YouTube, and reading tag posts on blogs I figured I might as well give this one a go; The University Tag (which I found here)!!!

  • Where do you study?
    I’m a student at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, so I’m studying in Estonia (Tartu to be even more precise)
  • What do you study?
    I study veterinary medicine 🙂
  • What year are you in?
    Just finished my third year (halfway done, yay!)
  • Do you live at home or at uni?
    Well this is a tricky one. I consider homehome to be in Finland, so since I live in Estonia I don’t technically live at home. However, I no longer live at the university dormitory, and I’ve made our rental apartment feel very much like home, so in a way I live at home, but still at uni, at the same time. Very confusing, but also very self-explanatory.
  • How old are you?
    I am 22 years old, 23 at the end of summer.
  • What are your 3 uni essentials?
    Highlighters, tea, and Netflix.
  • What is your favourite meal to cook?
    I don’t know!! Depends on many things. I guess tortillas never let me down, so I’ll go with that. I also really like making different kinds of pasta dishes and soups.
  • What is the latest you’ve been to the library?
    Well, truth be told I don’t study at the library (used to in secondary and upper secondary school, but not anymore)… I prefer to study at home (bed, sofa, floor… need I explain more?)
  • Ever pulled an all nighter to finish work?
    Yes, but not in uni 😛
  • Your favourite university moment so far?
    Learning how to draw blood from a dog and doing it well the first time, but feeling a (big!) calf move around during our AI practicals was really cool too 🙂
  • One piece of advice for a fresher
    Try not to stress too much about grades, future employees want to hire people with great attitudes, different personalities, and people who are willing to learn on he job. They want someone who can bring something new to the team – your biochemistry grade won’t matter to them!
  • Something you worried about for no reason
    My grades in “useless” subjects (read: biochemistry, toxicology…)


(this is a scheduled post, I am currently on my way to Norwich! check out this post to find out more about my summer plans)


The one about a very special potato

For those who don’t care – it’s just another Wednesday!

For those who should perhaps remember, but let it slip their mind – it’s Valentine’s Day!

For me it’s just another day that I feel incredibly blessed to be able to share with my very own potato (aka le boyfriend) – Jason ♡
Now, for those who don’t know this potato happens to be located all the way in Norwich, England, and I’m currently situated in Tartu, Estonia. For those who are struggling with geography right now, let me spell it out for you; we are not in the same city, not even the same country (which kind of sucks sometimes).

In the world we live in today Valentine’s Day has become a celebration for couples, and a somewhat sad/lonely day for single people. The other end of the spectrum has emerged on social media; the “strong, independent singles” who take Valentine’s Day as a day to show the rest of the world how great it is to be single.

In the world I lived in as a child (nursery-primary school age) Valentine’s Day was a day when we would make or give cards to friends and family. In fact, we referred to it as “alla hjärtans dag”, which translates to “the day of all hearts”, or “vändag” from the FInnish word “ystävänpäivä” which translates to “friendship’s day”. I wish we could go back to that childhood definition. It simply seems a lot more inclusive, and I think it would help make the day less mopey for the singles who choose to take the mopey path.

Anyhow, back to the idea I started off with; Potato!
This is our first Valentine’s Day together, and the hopeless romantic in me feels like just that – a hopeless romantic.
I got to send a card (really cute picture on the outside, filled with my wonky handwriting on the inside) and a little gift to the person I’ve come to love more than life itself (cheesy, but true!). A man whom I hope to share my life with for a very long time. A man who loves me. A man worth the wait ♡

A year ago I was one of the mopey singles who tried to pretend to be “strong and independent” by buying her own chocolate, but in reality I was only buying the chocolate so I could watch a romantic film and munch away my emotions.
This year, however, I’m buying chocolate so I can munch away at it while on the phone with my Potato ♡ (just to make him jealous 😉 )

A lot can change in one year, and with regards to my feelings surrounding this day the change has certainly been a positive one 🙂 ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day / Glad alla hjärtans dag / Glad vändag / Hyvää ystävänpäivää ! (choose whichever one you prefer 🙂 )


The one about names…

I have always loved coming up with names for things, mainly toys and pets (I’m not crazy enough to name my boobs, I think naming your body parts sort of proves to everyone you’re maybe a bit crazy).
Anyway, I recently created and Excel-file with a bunch of sheets – “Ben & Jerry’s”, “Christmas”, “Tea”, “Cocktails”, and “Coldplay” to name a few, and the sheets each have corresponding “names” in them. And the names are colour coded pink (for girls), blue (for boys), and purple (unisex names 😛 ).

Yes, I have started planning out dog names! Not nicknames, but official names. Basically, I have set myself on the path of becoming a breeder… “Why?” you may ask (very good question, ten points to you!), I honestly don’t know.

I’ve grown up surrounded by a bunch of dogs, my mum has bred Charlies for a very long time, I have attended dog shows since before I can remember… I guess the dog world is just engraved into my very being…

I have also come up with a few kennel names (!!!), but I won’t give those away 😉 The only “problem” I have at the moment is in order to apply for a kennel name I would have to go through a “breeders’ training”-thing organised by the Finnish Kennel Union (information about breeding, laws, duties, responsibilities etc. etc. ) and when applying for the name itself I would have to inform them of which breed(s) I’m interested in breeding… but I just want to reserve a kennel name for myself “just in case, if and when I decide to dedicate myself to this at some point, that point not being now”… *sigh*

Also, perhaps beside the point, I have so many names there is no way I’ll ever be able to breed this many dogs 😛 oops..


How I’m going to make 2017 a year to remember


A new year is always seen as a chance to start fresh, blank canvas, clear slate, new beginnings – you name it.
We make great resolutions: go to the gym more, drink less alcohol, live without sweets for a month, lose 50kg by summer, save money to go wherever – you name it.

Well, the downside to this kind of view is that we get discouraged and give up when we notice our resolutions are “impossible” and we’re too bad to succeed with whatever it is we promised ourselves… and it’s been less than a week! We give up so easily.

My theme for 2017 is self love. We are all way too hard on ourselves, and others, and that needs to change. For me that moment was the moment the clock hit 00:00 1.1.2017.
From now on I’ll be more forgiving, more accepting, more loving, more open, more confident, more determined, and most importantly 110% me (not that I haven’t been myself before, I’m just going to work on accepting the extra 10% 🙂 )
I’m going to try to bring joy and love with me wherever life takes me. I’m going to be there for others in their time of need, and I’m going to be strong enough to ask for help when I need it. And I will be loving enough to forgive myself when I don’t reach the sky high goals I’ve set myself, and remain determined to eventually reach them.

One of the seemingly sky high goals I’ve set for myself is to lose weight  and change the way I see myself, and the way I let the world see me, for good. I’ve not set a “goal weight”, because I just want to feel good be it at 80kg or 65kg (or anywhere in between). I’ve also not set a deadline for when I need to reach this goal, because of the following reasons

  1. It’s not a diet
  2. I don’t know how quickly/slowly my body will respond to the small changes I’m going to implement
  3. I don’t even know how my body will respond
  4. My 2017 will circle very much around loving and accepting myself for who I am at all times, now, in two weeks and in 5 months time – and from there until forever.

I think the way we see ourselves is twisted, and the way we see others is even more so. How can you truly love yourself if you are constantly judging the people around you? How can you expect people to love you? If you focus on the bad, how will you ever notice the good? I want to see the good!
I believe that the way we perceive our surroundings changes our surroundings, be it for better or for worse. By changing the way we see we can change the way we are seen.

This year, 2017, I will be sporting a few mantras, one of them being “Don’t give up. When you fall, which you will, get back up and at it.” Because the truth is every day, every second, is a chance to start fresh. Every moment you are given on this earth is a moment you should not let go to waste. Use it to work towards something bigger and better.

I want to see change in 2017, and I will work harder than ever to make that change happen.



Christmas Holidays and a wrap-up of autumn term at the vet school

Well, it’s been a while to say the least. The reason for the pretty much complete lack of posts this autumn is simple; I have been working my a$$ off for uni.
We’ve had some seriously intense courses (read: immunology), which has led to me reaching the edge of a mental and physical breakdown at times. Anatomy has been the same pain it always is, but with a few new kicks 😉 (still have two exams to do in January, both anatomy) However, I can proudly say I’ve passed every single oral anatomy test so far and I only have a written test on blood vessels and the final exam left.

This autumn term has also been full of memorable moments (which will be in no particular order, since I can’t recall exactly when everything happened, so I’ll just toss them on the  list in the order they pop up into my little (very tired) brain 🙂 )

  • The Freshers’ party (best translation I could come up with for “fuksiaiset”…)
    • this was the reason we carried 5 kg of macaroni around town (see? I never explained that! Too flippin’ busy)
  • J got a cat!
  • I took Mysse along with me in August, really helped with the homesickness
    • … seems I miss the dogs and cats and frogs and other critters more than my human family, is that a bad thing?)
    • I took part in a little dog training hobby thing (rallytoko) with Mysse. It was great seeing him having so much fun, and learning a few things that I can teach my own dogs in the future
  • I got my Fennica colours at the beginning of December
    • won’t go into too much detail on this one, because it’s so difficult to explain and translate everything, but basically I’ve earned the right to wear coloured ribbons and a pretty cap at certain events 😛

Representing at korp! Sakala . Here I still had the black cap, but now i’ve earned the nice white one 🙂



  • I’ve given more presentations than ever before, some were individual, some were with a partner and some were group works (some of which ended up being individual presentations for me, because for some strange reason people don’t enjoy giving presentations and really enjoy giving the job to me.. I’ve learned to accept my part as the presenter, so it doesn’t really bother me 🙂 )

Seeing as the year is coming to an end tomorrow I’ll be sharing my autumn term “playlist” tomorrow or on January 1st and I’ll also make a completely separate post for my goals and wishes for 2017.

I hope everyone had a joyful, loving Christmas ♥