The one about what I want for my birthday…

Every year I face the same problem; what do I want for my birthday?

Like any person in today’s world I wouldn’t mind getting a call saying “Congratulations! You’ve won a couple million, guaranteed health for the rest of your life, and guaranteed health and well-being for everyone else as well, world peace came as a bonus!!”, but seeing as that rarely happens I have to think and think some more every time.
This year I decided to start thinking way ahead, and I’m pleased to say I have discovered what I want – a little handy dandy mobile printer, the HP Sprocket!

I know it might seem a bit silly, but I lovelovelove tiny little photographs like this, and I think it’d be so nice to be able to print out the most precious moments/experiences and have them in my diary or even an album. In today’s ever-evolving (read: more and more technology-based world) I feel we’ve distanced ourselves from good old photographs, and even though this isn’t the same as “the good old days” I still feel it’s a step back (while still going ten steps forward).

I don’t know, I just saw this and I immediately thought of all the photos I could add to my diary or an album, anywhere really.

The paper is quite pricey, but it’s not like you would print every single picture you ever took, right? (Actually, maybe you would if you received the call I mentioned earlier 😉 )

So far, this is pretty much the only thing on my list… *goes back to work on the list*



The WTF-moment @school

I’m sitting at one of the school computers atm… on my left side there is a guy. The WTF-part isn’t that he’s seemingly in another wprld, but the fact that he’s coding something!
He’s been sitting like this for nearly 20 minutes now! Staring at his screen, earphones in, doing something which -to me- looks very much like hacking!! However, I’m sure that’s not what he’s doing… but OMG it looks creepy…
… Way beyond creepy! He looks as if his mind would be glued to the screen… He’s not reacting to the outside world…too creepy!


Pixel Painter – WOW!

Wow.. this is extremely ‘WOW’!
I came across this on (drama-friend’s blog) and had to share it because it’s just too amazing!
This 97 year-old man creates mind-blowing paintings on Paint – the OLD Paint; Windows ’95!! Wow, I’m amazed… Just see for yourself…

Technology Helping The World… Or Not!

Today it happened – my lovely VAIO has got its first major problem.

It all started with me trying to wake up my computer in the morning. I did nothing out of the ordinary, but the damn screen wouldn’t light up after the “resuming Windows” had appeared. I could see the screen was brighter than when it was turned off, all the little lights were blinking yet the darney thing wouldn’t work.

I tried taking out the battery and pressing the power-button – no results. I tried connecting to an external screen using HDMI – no results. Then I ended up using my brother’s iPad, but it was just terrible (yes, I’m using my lappy now).

I waited for a few hours and let my lappy charge itself – voila!

Good God, I got scared that there was something seriously wrong!! I was mentally preparing myself for having to buy a new lappy – thankfully it worked out just fine 🙂