Signs I’m doing the right thing

I still can’t believe I’m actually studying to become a veterinarian.. Just because I always dreamed of it doesn’t mean I expected my dreams to actually come true (or at least begin to unfold)!
There’s been so many times when I’ve thought “Am I doing the right thing?”, “What if I realize this isn’t what I’m meant to do?”, what if, what if, what if…

Well, last night I had a dream that I think is a direct sign I’m on the right path;

I dreamed that one of the older students posted the following (in Finnish) in one of our Facebook groups: “Hello, just wanted to inform you that next Wednesday there will be an info session in class A-201 about Canada. Working permits, immigration info, etc. Hope to see you there!”

Now, anyone who’s spent some time with me knows that I’m in love with Canada. I’ve only been there once (that too 6 years ago…?), for a week or two, in the winter, in Quebec, but I fell in love. The people, the atmosphere, the snow (or rather, the amount of snow)… it was perfect! And ever since that trip I’ve wanted more! Moremoremore..!

Back to the dream..
It felt so unbelievably real… When I woke up I remember frantically looking through all the groups trying to find this post so I could double check the date/time or something – I was that convinced it was real!
If this is not a sign for me, then I don’t know what could be…

I feel confident saying I’m going to make my dreams come true. No matter what it takes, no matter how many times I question myself I won’t fail, because someone somewhere is definitely guiding me, and that makes me feel safe.


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Welcoming “ceremony”, bones, and egg-shots?!

If I ever thought I was busy before I was wrong. Life has been hectic, full of new experiences (new, even though I’ve been here for 2 months already), struggles, and (sadly) egg-shots, but I’ll return to those later.

My life has revolved around bones (the vertebral column – check, thoracic and pelvic limbs – check, and now the skull), microscopes, and lab coats. My days follow a very ritualistic pattern; shower, eat, *insert the above story*, sleep, repeat.

My subjects for this autumn semester include

  • informatics and biometry (lectures and practical works – have I ever told you how incompatible me and computers are??)
  • Latin for specific purposes (I have encountered the first teacher I utterly dislike… I can’t even point out what it is I dislike… all I know is I feel I’m learning nothing, the lessons are a pain as soon as they start, but I force myself through them… wow! Did I mention I know what “rhubarb juice” is in Latin? Rhubarb juice?!?! How is that “for specific purposes”??)
  • Cell and molecular biology (lectures and lab works – microscopes galore! I have seen my cells, have you? 😉 )
  • Animal biology (only lectures and an exam so far, I am willing to share my knowledge on the sex life of sponges, snails, and tarantulas, but that will have to be a post of its own)
  • Anatomy of domestic animals (bones, bones, bones, and more bones! Next; joints and muscles and all that good stuff! Meditating under the skeleton of a giraffe, pretending the atlas of a cat is a ring, scratching my back with the rib of a cow, and more 😀 So much fun! … oh, did I mention oral exams! Despite the madness that follows I love it!)
  • Histology, cytology and embryology (microscopes galore – again! I love this subject, I love the teacher, I love the slides, I love trying to zoom in on all sorts of miniscule things and drawing them… No, really, I love it ❤ )
  • Estonian for foreigners (another one of my favourite subjects; learning this funny language! I still can’t believe how strange it is… koer on rihma otsas = the dog is on a leash (more fun is you know Finnish)… I don’t want this course to end, but we have an exam on 3rd of November…)
  • Biochemistry (lectures and labs – the white labcoat has become a symbol of test tubes and strange pipettes to me! Did I mention I have made an explosion, not once, but twice! Once with some crazy acid and the test tube exploded, the other time it was just a firework of fumes and sparks 😛 Oh, and last time I was grinding up leaves using a mortar and pestle just like Jamie Oliver taught!)

Now, the welcoming “ceremony” I’m talking about took place last Tuesday. It was a calm and peaceful biochemistry lecture, until a bunch of 5th year students stormed in and told us to dress in trash bags.
We then got new make up in the form of whiskers and… an egg-shot, which they labeled as a “vaccine”… This shot is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted (or seen!)…

It is as simple as this; a raw quail’s egg and vodka – yum! The crazy thing is I’ve had two of those during my two months here… that’s one each month… If the same pace continues I’m going to down around 10 of those each year, multiply that by six years (duration of studies) and you have 60 f-ing quail eggs lined up with vodka!

What else did we have to do? We had to build an animal out of a pile of bones (dogs, cats, cows, horses and beavers thrown together.. it was a beautiful sight), determine how many legs a “calf” had (it was a dog toy inside a “birth-simulation-practice-box-wannabe-cow”), and a number of other things, including suturing a stuffed toy, with a water balloon inside.

My favourite task of the day was definitely the part where we dissected a calf.

Yes, you read that right! We went into a room, and there were two dead calves on display. Our task was to locate the spleen and lungs, and get them on a tray. I was the bravest in my group, so I did the cutting and digging 😉 You’d be surprised how easy it is to cut through the sternum of a calf using nothing but a pair of bush clippers! was surprised how easy it was to block out the smell of blood; just focus on what you’re doing! Of course the calf in this case was dead, and I don’t imagine cutting into a live baby cow to be anywhere near as easy.

Not my group, but the same calf

I leave you with this image and make a return to my cell and molecular biology exam questions (test coming up on Thursday).

Just kidding, I leave you with this view! University main building, lovely autumn colours, life is great here in Estonia!


Elamisluba ja ID-kaardi

Residence permit and ID-card – check!

Two of my future classmates met me at the dormitory, and we walked to the Population Registry Office together. The woman spoke enough English to help us fill in the paperwork, and we got our Estonian ID-codes 😀

Because we’re girls, and girls like chocolates, we stopped by at a Kalev-store (Estonian candy maker). I bought a bag with the 7 favourites of Kalev’s confections (very similar to the Fazerin Parhaat-mix we get in Finland). The bag (it was big) was only 2,40€ (wouldn’t have bought it had it been more expensive). I figured it’s a good way to try each of the confections without spending a fortune buying each separately. So far I’ve only tried four; Mesikäpp (chocolate with honey crumbs inside), Tallinn (rum flavoured wafer candy, surprisingly good!), Tõmmu (rum flavoured fondant candy, surprisingly good for a rum candy!) and Ananass (pineapple flavoured wafer candy, didn’t taste like pineapple, more citrus-y, but it was good nonetheless) 🙂

I also got a confirmation e-mail from my student insurance company, which makes me feel much more at ease… I won’t have to worry! I can’t believe there are people who go without insurances… of course you hope you won’t need it, but that if you do and you don’t have one?! Thankyou mom for convincing me it’s a good investment 🙂

What else..? Oh, I’ve met 2 out of 3 roommates; a girl from Germany who will only stay here until 24.8 because she’ll study at Tartu Ülikool (Univesity of Tartu) and move to their dorm (Erasmus program, 6 months), and a guy from France who will stay here (at Eesti Maaülikool, Estonian University of Life Sciences) for half a year (also a six month Erasmus program) 🙂 both of them are nice, and it’s so much fun for me to speak English and bring back my French a bit 🙂

Today I also got a preliminary program for our orientation week (24.8–>) – seems nice! A lot to do, a lot to consider, a lot to learn 🙂 I will most certainly not join the trip to the local beer factory (with a beer tasting included, 5€ to join), but I’m strongly considering all the other trips 🙂 It’s all starting to feel real now; I’m here, in Estonia, in Tartu, going to start my university studies, wow…!

I can’t believe how fast today has gone by! It’s already almost dinnertime! I still have some tuna-tomato-bean-pasta left hahaha Been eating it for 2 days already 😛 And I have at least 3 or 4 portions left in the freezer… gosh…
Oh, did I mention watermelon is supercheap over here! In the supermarket it’s 0,25€/kg!! (prize has been between 25 and 40 cents from what I’ve seen, supermarket, market place…). The nectarines are delicious, as are plums and apples! I love this place! 😀

Off to have some food now 🙂


P.S. As you can probably tell by the number of smileys I’ve used, I’m liking it here! The city, the weather, the atmosphere, the town, the people, everything 🙂

Tere tulemast Tartusse!

Or simply “welcome to Tartu!” 🙂

I arrived here on the 15th (this past Saturday). The night between Friday and Saturday I got roughly 5 hours of sleep (and I spent at least one hour crying my eyes out because I was so sad to leave the dogs, cats, frogs and snails (maybe my family too) behind. 😥

20150815_083406     20150815_113610(0)


We came to Estonia by ferry (2½ hours from Helsinki to Tallinn), and from there to Tartu by car (186 km, about 2 hours). I absolutely fell in love with the Estonian countryside! The fields that go on for as far as the eye can see, the old trees growing right next to the road, the cute little houses along the way… everything was so beautiful!

20150815_142806 20150815_143020 20150815_144657 20150815_150004 20150815_155244 20150815_155311

20150815_155437I can’t wait for my blister (got it yesterday…) to heal up so I can get back to exploring the city full time. I’ve ventured into the nearby park, the grocery stores and the city centre (once, with a classmate).

Tomorrow we’re going to sort out some residence permits, and I will try to get my hands on a map of the city (can’t believe I haven’t done that yet… oh well! I haven’t ventured far enough to get lost yet! 🙂 )

I was in complete denial of this whole moving-living-studying abroad thing until now. I knew it was going to happen, but I chose not to accept the fact it was happening this soon. However, I’ve settled in quite nicely… but I’m scared of the language! Ma ei räägi Eesti keelt veel (I was trying to say “I don’t speak Estonian yet”..) I walk around with my “Smooth travelling in Estonian”-book (Sujuvaa matkaa Virkosi), I read every single sign at least twice, I try my best to pick up anything someone says… We’ll see how it goes! On 25th of August a course called Estonian for foreigners will start, so I’m hoping to learn something before that, and a lot during that course… I don’t like not being able to communicate properly…

Luckily I have 6 years to learn!!


I didn’t last until the last exam

Today I was supposed to give my last exam; an attempt to raise my Russian results. A higher force, however, had other plans for me. I’ve spent the last day + some more excreting everything and anything I’ve tried to ingest.
Oh well, blueberry soup has proved to be a lifesaver.  Coke too!
I can’t remember when I last felt this drained of energy…. and water!