The Time We Carried 5kg of Macaroni Around Town

The titles just keep improving 😛 I can’t disclose too much of this macaroni-business, but we have a 5kg bag of macaroni in our kitchen…
Actually, the macaroni was meant to be delivered at our doorstep, but for some unknown reason that didn’t happen and we had to carry it across town (not really, but I quite like the image of that).
Fortunately it was dark when the transport took place – I have a feeling we might have received some judging looks had we walked around with a giant bag of macaroni in broad daylight!

Just a regular Wednesday 😉

Anyway, student life has commenced once again! Halfway through second week already (when’s my first holiday coming up?)
I’ve been super busy with the whole tutoring-thing, and this week (or well, only Friday really) will be quite something. There will be more on that later (hopefully soon after Friday).



15 things you didn’t know about me… maybe!

So, since I’m more or less extremely bored, I figured I could do a “Things you didn’t know about me… maybe”-post. If you’re a very analytical person (or super close to me) you might know some, or all! , of these things.
(warning, some things might be a bit TMI 😛 )

#1 I have way too many playlists on Spotify

#2 I hate it when people complain about being fat when they’re not (same goes for “ugly”)

#3 I’m good at hiding how I feel in front of people

#4 … and I suffer from emotional overloads/breakdowns more often than what I know is healthy for me

#5 I love going to church, but I rarely do

#6 I label people, although I know I shouldn’t… working on that.

#7 I’m afraid of what people think of me

#8 I love to write short stories, but rarely finish them

#9 I have the most regular periods ever! Works like clockwork (and if it doesn’t I’m worried sick until something happens 😛 )

#10 I think in different languages. Swedish, English, Russian (I don’t know how that’s possible, considering my limited skills), French (same as with Russian, guess I just mumble things that sound like French?)

#11 I’ve managed to kill a cactus… I don’t know if I watered it too much, or too little… it shall remain one of the greatest mysteries life has to offer.

#12 I’m addicted to Pinterest! I’ve basically planned my entire life (and the lives of my future kids… creepy)!

#13 I’m 110% sure there’s something fishy in our house… some spirit is certainly haunting either me or the house. *shudders*

#14 A part of me thinks I’m paranoid.

#15 I like to think of myself as a nice person. I try to be good to people, fair, honest, caring and kind. I want to be able to look back at things I’ve done and give myself a pat on the shoulder and say “That’s a good thing you did right there!”

I’m sure someone knew at least one of these!


I Think I Sometimes Freak People Out…

… but no matter how hard I try I still think I do…
It’s not my fault I have superb memory and absolutely amazing analyzation-skills 😉

Perhaps “freak out” isn’t quite right.. more like “SSS- surprise shock and scare-the-living-heck-out-of-people” all in a very freakish way 😀 YAY!


Cleaning vs. Dance Party


Let’s be honest… I’ve spent years trying to clean my room!
I like to clean, but for some reason my room has never reached the final stage of actually being clean…


Also, I know exactly where all my stuff is. Every time I clean I put them somewhere new and when I need something I end up turning the place upside-down.


And another thing that always happens is this; I’m going through some boxes and TADAA there’s a little toy that I used to love! And then I find the buddies of this tiny toy 😀 Instantly my brain decides to go to the 7 year-old state!!


I don’t complain all that much…

Perhaps the main reason I rarely get anything done is this..


Once the party has started there’s no going back! Although after a few hours of performing some pretty intense moves I snap back to reality; my minions haven’t done the work I assigned them to do! Then I realize I’m still not back to reality and snap once more, only to realize I don’t have minions 😦
*sigh* I would be that much more productive if only those little yellow guys lived in my closet 🙂

Off to get this shit cleaned up (by myself… you know now what to expect)!!