The University Tag

Since I really enjoy watching all kinds of tag videos on YouTube, and reading tag posts on blogs I figured I might as well give this one a go; The University Tag (which I found here)!!!

  • Where do you study?
    I’m a student at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, so I’m studying in Estonia (Tartu to be even more precise)
  • What do you study?
    I study veterinary medicine 🙂
  • What year are you in?
    Just finished my third year (halfway done, yay!)
  • Do you live at home or at uni?
    Well this is a tricky one. I consider homehome to be in Finland, so since I live in Estonia I don’t technically live at home. However, I no longer live at the university dormitory, and I’ve made our rental apartment feel very much like home, so in a way I live at home, but still at uni, at the same time. Very confusing, but also very self-explanatory.
  • How old are you?
    I am 22 years old, 23 at the end of summer.
  • What are your 3 uni essentials?
    Highlighters, tea, and Netflix.
  • What is your favourite meal to cook?
    I don’t know!! Depends on many things. I guess tortillas never let me down, so I’ll go with that. I also really like making different kinds of pasta dishes and soups.
  • What is the latest you’ve been to the library?
    Well, truth be told I don’t study at the library (used to in secondary and upper secondary school, but not anymore)… I prefer to study at home (bed, sofa, floor… need I explain more?)
  • Ever pulled an all nighter to finish work?
    Yes, but not in uni 😛
  • Your favourite university moment so far?
    Learning how to draw blood from a dog and doing it well the first time, but feeling a (big!) calf move around during our AI practicals was really cool too 🙂
  • One piece of advice for a fresher
    Try not to stress too much about grades, future employees want to hire people with great attitudes, different personalities, and people who are willing to learn on he job. They want someone who can bring something new to the team – your biochemistry grade won’t matter to them!
  • Something you worried about for no reason
    My grades in “useless” subjects (read: biochemistry, toxicology…)


(this is a scheduled post, I am currently on my way to Norwich! check out this post to find out more about my summer plans)


How Far Away Are Stars?

The Sun is the closest star to Earth, about 93 million miles away. The Sun’s nearest neighbor, Alpha Centauri, is actually a triple-star system —three stars bound together by gravity. Alpha Centauri A and B are two bright, closely orbiting stars with a distant, dim companion, Proxima Centauri. The binary appears to the unaided eye as a single star, the third brightest in the night sky, but it lies 4.37 light years from the Sun — Proxima Centauri claims the honor of being our true nearest neighbor at only 4.24 light years away.

It’s difficult to conceptualize such vast distances, but a popular analogy sets the Sun at the size of a grapefruit. If you wanted to get from your grapefruit-sized Sun to a grapefruit-sized Alpha Centauri system, you would have to travel about 2,500 miles, which is about the distance from coast to coast on the continental United States. And that’s just to the Sun’s closest neighbor!

– See more at:

I just had physics, and we ended up talking stars… Our teacher dropped the bomb by saying “You can see stars that are several million light years away – that’s how far light travels in millions of years!”
The entire class sat in awe for a moment, appreciating the great vastness of our Universe… I still can’t quite comprehend it… I don’t understand just how long a time a million years is!! And the distance light travels is just wow..

Let’s all take a moment to give respect to the Creator…

… This is pretty amazing!

… just saying…

… think about it!!…

… (are you thinking?)…

… (you better be, ’cause this is something!)…


Do you see how awesome this is?! I can’t even write anything… just.. wow!



Beauty Standards – WTF World?!

Skinny legs and a thigh gap, stick-like arms along with visible hip-bones, hopefully infused with a bikini bridge… Hold on a second – where have all the curves gone? “Hourglass” anyone? A thin person will typically have the shape of a plank; even on all sides.

I think I can hear some men saying “We want curves; b**bs and a**!”. How does that go together with the plank?

Let me explain how I see this; society wants thin people (less fat-diseases), but people want curves? Hmm, perhaps not quite: I believe there are many people who want their partners to be planks with sticks for arms, yet they still want b**bs and a**. This is all very confusing, especially from a female POV.

Once upon a time in a clothing store I came across some bras which looked about the right size. I check the size tag; tiny! How come?
Answer: they were 98% foam (the remaining 2% –> 1.5% normal bra, 0.5% lace). The cups were like an extra set of breasts with little indents for your own assets to rest in. I-N-S-A-N-E-!

Before I go any further I feel I should tell you I’m not a plank from any angle. My top and bottom are mismatched to match (make your own interpretations 😛 ).

So, once upon a time in another clothing store. The jeans-section.
I find this pair of absolutely amazing and adorable jeans. They were close to a size 0. “Well” you say “couldn’t  you grab a bigger pair?”. I would have, but the store-person said they didn’t carry any bigger sizes. I had a friend (skinny tiny firned) try them on – they barely zipped! That was the last time I visited that particular store.
Once upon another time, jeans-section again. I found a pair of jeans that were my size. I go to try them on, they zip, but they looked like maternity pants. There was a freaking pouch at my stomach! Needless to say, I didn’t buy them.

Shopping for dresses (gah, such a love-hate relationship). I find the perfect dress. I go try it on – it fits perfect! Except for the top -.-”  I get a bigger size and it looks like I’m wearing a tent -.-””

I don’t understand the sizing system! Neither do I understand this huge desire people have to be thin! Sure, you should be healthy and all that, but a few extra pounds won’t kill you!!!

I’ll be returning to this topic in future posts as well… just a warning…


Caution! Do Not Swallow…

Why do I get the feeling that everything in the US has a “CAUTION!”-notice that’s just dumb!
(I have a book full of stupid cautions; “This cape does not give you super powers”, for example)

Sure, we have caution-notices too, but they’re not this dumb!

“Solvent abuse can kill instantly”, “Do not light on fire, even when empty” (from a deodorant, hairspray or dry shampoo bottle)