Do clouds have DNA?

Today (I can’t believe it happened) I saw a freaking DNA-cloud!!

2014-03-27 14.11.22


(sorry the image is small.. phone camera!)

This just proves that sometimes you should stare up at the sky 🙂



Caution! Do Not Swallow…

Why do I get the feeling that everything in the US has a “CAUTION!”-notice that’s just dumb!
(I have a book full of stupid cautions; “This cape does not give you super powers”, for example)

Sure, we have caution-notices too, but they’re not this dumb!

“Solvent abuse can kill instantly”, “Do not light on fire, even when empty” (from a deodorant, hairspray or dry shampoo bottle)


I Think I Sometimes Freak People Out…

… but no matter how hard I try I still think I do…
It’s not my fault I have superb memory and absolutely amazing analyzation-skills 😉

Perhaps “freak out” isn’t quite right.. more like “SSS- surprise shock and scare-the-living-heck-out-of-people” all in a very freakish way 😀 YAY!