Beauty Standards – WTF World?!

Skinny legs and a thigh gap, stick-like arms along with visible hip-bones, hopefully infused with a bikini bridge… Hold on a second – where have all the curves gone? “Hourglass” anyone? A thin person will typically have the shape of a plank; even on all sides.

I think I can hear some men saying “We want curves; b**bs and a**!”. How does that go together with the plank?

Let me explain how I see this; society wants thin people (less fat-diseases), but people want curves? Hmm, perhaps not quite: I believe there are many people who want their partners to be planks with sticks for arms, yet they still want b**bs and a**. This is all very confusing, especially from a female POV.

Once upon a time in a clothing store I came across some bras which looked about the right size. I check the size tag; tiny! How come?
Answer: they were 98% foam (the remaining 2% –> 1.5% normal bra, 0.5% lace). The cups were like an extra set of breasts with little indents for your own assets to rest in. I-N-S-A-N-E-!

Before I go any further I feel I should tell you I’m not a plank from any angle. My top and bottom are mismatched to match (make your own interpretations 😛 ).

So, once upon a time in another clothing store. The jeans-section.
I find this pair of absolutely amazing and adorable jeans. They were close to a size 0. “Well” you say “couldn’t  you grab a bigger pair?”. I would have, but the store-person said they didn’t carry any bigger sizes. I had a friend (skinny tiny firned) try them on – they barely zipped! That was the last time I visited that particular store.
Once upon another time, jeans-section again. I found a pair of jeans that were my size. I go to try them on, they zip, but they looked like maternity pants. There was a freaking pouch at my stomach! Needless to say, I didn’t buy them.

Shopping for dresses (gah, such a love-hate relationship). I find the perfect dress. I go try it on – it fits perfect! Except for the top -.-”  I get a bigger size and it looks like I’m wearing a tent -.-””

I don’t understand the sizing system! Neither do I understand this huge desire people have to be thin! Sure, you should be healthy and all that, but a few extra pounds won’t kill you!!!

I’ll be returning to this topic in future posts as well… just a warning…



Tribal portraits – a photo series

So… Here I am, surfing my newsfeed when I see this link;
““Before They Pass Away,” a long-term project by photographer Jimmy Nelson, gives us the unique opportunity to discover more than 30 secluded and slowly vanishing tribes from all over the world.”

As I scroll down the pictures I realize something; we’re ridding the world of it’s true self. These tribes are doing what most of us can’t do; rely on nature.
That realization is why I got extremely upset when I saw this particular photo:

The reason for my anger was the fact that all of these men have guns in their hands. Guns. One of the (in my opinion) most UNnatural inventions to exist in this world. *shudders*

That led me to see what westernization ultimately leads to – the loss of these valuable treasures of the Earth. This particular tribe, I think, is already beginning to lose itself. And that makes me sad.
After that thought occurred to me I realized that the photographer must have, in spite of probably having had good intentions, somehow given the process a kick in some of these tribes. For example this one in Ethiopia.
Surely they must know where the guns came from, they must have realized this photographer was from the land of guns – who knows what they thought of him!

I’m not saying Jimmy Nelson (the photographer) was being a pro-westernization campaigner, but I’m sure there are people in this world who think the Ethiopian Banna tribe are the “most well advanced” because of the presence of guns there. I’m also convinced there are people who want all the tribes to disappear. Disappear and become like “the rest of us”. *sigh*

To be quite honest I wish there was a way to stop the extinction of minorities. And to be quite realistic, I know there is!
We need to stop actively trying to change the people around us.
You see someone still using an “ancient phone” with no colours on the screen, no touchscreen, perhaps no actual screen at all – let it be. Don’t go ahead advertising your iPhone 10X.4 (I know there’s no such thing as that, I’m making things up to emphasize my point). Just let the person be.

I’m still dreaming of a day when all of the people of planet Earth will learn to co-exist completely. And not just people, every living being residing in this world.


I’m addicted… Murakami!

GAAAAH!! I’m addicted (ADDICTED!) to the works of the Japanese author Haruki Murakami!
(Wikipedia; )

Obviously I don’t know Japanese, so I’ve read some of his books in Swedish and English. (Typically when reading translated novels I prefer to read in English since they have less grammatical errors)
Kafka on the Shore (in English)
1Q84 (currently reading in English)
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (in Swedish)

I LOVE all of these!!! If you want to read something amazing and spectacular and wonderful and just AH! then I would definately recommend Murakami to you 🙂 I especially love how he keeps the story going even when it seems as though nothing important is happening – you won’t get bored!!!

Now, since I haven’t had the chance to read in a few days (due to an exam), I’ll get my butt to a sofa and drown myself into the weird year of 1Q84! 😀


Spider-Man Comic vs. Movie No. 2

I’m not that big of a Spider-Man fan to be quite honest, but I do have some opinions when it comes to costumes and other fancy stuff! Also, I’ve seen all the cartoon episodes of Spider-Man, all of the movies (by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment), and even read some of the comics!
(Yes, my brother was a HUGE fan of Spidey – I think he still is!)

SO I read about the costume change for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 a couple of days ago – I still have no idea why it caught my eye, though. For those of you who haven’t heard of it (or just don’t give a sh*t and really couldn’t care less) .. or for the Spider-Man fans out there who have been without internet for half a year 😛 there’s a comparison down below.

Most noticeable changes (my opinion); larger white eye holes, the spider on his chest is gray as well as the “web”, also the pattern inside the little squares is different. Let’s find a pic with (almost) the entire guy….

 I really like it! Especially the head – they’ve done an amazing job on this one!

Just for the sake of comparing let’s see what the costume looks like in the comics!

I think this picture looks like The Amazing Spider-Man on the left and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the right! In my opinion they really did a great job on the costume for movie No. 2! The way the “web” comes down his face, the large eye-holes, the colours… I still think they could have let the “web” and the spider in front be black, just my personal opinion 🙂

Perhaps I should see the movies… We’ll see what happens 😉


Conceptions Based on Misunderstandings and White Lies

Have you ever had the feeling that some people might have an image of you that is completely twisted? Like they don’t really know you even though you’ve been a relatively close friend of theirs for a number of years (2-5)? Like their picture of you has changed because of what someone else has told them?

*sigh* I’m having that feeling right now.. it sucks!
The other party in this weird drama situation has (ofc) been telling her closest friends all that I’ve said (NB: these are our mutual friends from school). There’s nothing wrong with telling your friends how you feel, but I feel it becomes a problem when you leave out what you’ve said. Or when you modify what you’ve said.

what you tell your friends
“Jenny called me immature”
“Why would she do that?”
“I don’t know, that’s what I asked her, too!”

what actually happened
Me: “I think you’re acting like a child – we’re supposed to be able to settle an argument without anyone else having to do it for us”
Her: “WTF!?!?!” –> *goes to block Jenny*

The worst thing is that I don’t know if they want to hear what I’ve got to say..
I’m keeping my head held high and staying true to myself – I will make it out of this situation!