Me and Style.. + money

I wish I had the chance to go on a “no budget” shopping spree – I’d buy an entirely new wardrobe and some more 🙂

Jeans, skirt, shirts, knitted lovelies, shoes (!!), (lingerie), earrings, bangles, bracelets, belts, bags …
And if I had an apartment of my own; furniture, decorations, cute “tools” (whisks, spoons, cups and mugs, etc. )… SCENTED CANDLES! ♥_♥

*sigh* I need to get a job ASAP!



How To Save Money – In 10 Easy Ways!

As you might know I’m an aspiring student whose boyfriend (who happens to celebrate his birthday today) lives in India and whose best friend just returned to Taiwan.
I’m also a girl who loves to shop! Not necessarily clothes (although of course I buy those too!), but earrings, bracelets, Body Shop yummy-smelling stuff, pens of all kinds, books and the list goes on!
Oh, I’m also trying to save up for an apartment (not planning to move out as yet, but you never know) 🙂

Here are a couple things I do to save some money for the good things in life:

1.Do stuff around the house and ask for some money for it
For example; taking out the trash, mopping and vacuum cleaning, taking the dog out for a walk, making food, there are endless possibilities!

2. Quit the “candy day”-habit
I’ve finally decided to quit my once-a-week candy day (we’d get a bag of candy every Saturday) and ask to have the money instead. This is a super-easy way of getting a reasonable amount of money – about 4€ each week, 16-20€ each month!
If you don’t have a candy-day you just have to stop buying candy altogether!

3. Take out bottles and cans
Over here we get money for recycling cans and bottles, so it’s sort of natural for people to take them to the stores and use the money right away. Well, since I don’t buy my own groceries I simply ask the cashier to give me the coins I’ve “earned” by recycling the cans! 🙂 SUPER easy (and good for the environment!)

4. Take advantage of your weaknesses!
Is there a subject you’re not-too-good at? Ask for a reward when you do good in a test or get a good final grade! (I need to do this with maths.. and probably chem and physics too 😛 )

5. Think twice buy once
Don’t buy anything just because you like it! Think of whether you’ll use it or will it just end up as clutter?

6. Sell your old stuff
This is great in a number of ways, but most of all you’ll get money for stuff you no longer use/need – that technically counts as “free money”, right? 😀
Also, you’ll get room for new stuff – think twice buy once!!

7. Try the thrift shop
They’re everywhere and you can find some amazing stuff there for virtually no money at all! Plus, there is a much slimmer chance that someone from your school will have the same clothes as you 😉

8. Keep your house organized
If your pens are all over the place you won’t remember what all you have and you’re much more likely to buy something you already have. Same goes for clothes, shoes, sewing materials, spices, cleaning supplies, DVD’s – everything!!

9. Have a goal (and time-frame)
It’s easier to save for something as opposed to just saving. When you know what  you want you’re less likely to spend the money you’re saving.
If you get money once a month try to see how much you need to save each month to reach your goal within the time-frame you’ve set up. This will keep you more focused and determined!

10. Opt for cash
If possible, stop using your credit card! It’s so much easier to spend money when you don’t know exactly how much (or little!) money you have left. When you use cash you’re forced to prioritize, hence making you less likely to spend money on stuff you don’t really need!

Of course there are many more ways to save money, but these are the ten that I find it easiest to follow for the time being. I don’t have a job, so I can’t save incredible sums each month. I can, however, do my best not to waste my precious money on useless crap! (please excuse the expression)
I know I’m saving for a lot of things, but it’s not like all of this is going to happen this very second! I have time!!


Amazing deal of the year!

Since I didn’t get a summerjob despite of applying to tons of places Mom promised me that if I take care of stuff around the house (laundry, vaccuuming, dishes, making food etc.) she will double my pocketmoney! I get 50€/month, and she said she’s willing to give me 50-60€ extra depending on how much/what I do 😀 YAY happy unemployed student!

Currently I’m using my brother’s iPad – my lovely lappy has died… or atleast the screen isn’t cooperating with me 😦 There is going to be a very detailed description of the events in just a moment 🙂 (it takes forever to write on this thing… it works really fast until it decides to lag and demands me to refresh the page and blahblah…)

Soo happy I don’t need to work on one of these things all the time… Although… If my lappy really is dead this may be my only option for now *shocked expression*


That moment.. in the bank!!

*sigh* today I was supposed to spend my time trying to get some money by going to two banks to redeem (?) my scholarships in the form of checks from primary school (from 2005, 2007 and 2008 – 10 + 20 + 30 €) and also go get my VISA Electron, since I lost my previous one in Russia.

Well, the bank that’s supposed to give me 20 + 30 € has changed its name, so I had no idea if they’ll be able to give me the money – also, I couldn’t find a single one of them anywhere! If I was  lucky enough to find one, they wouldn’t have the cashier-services – or whatever-the-heck that’s called. I thought there would be one in Grankulla (Kauniainen in Finnish and English), but NO there’s a Danske Bank at the spot where this stupid OP-Pohjola used to be – *sigh*. And the OP-Pohjola that I did find didn’t have the cashier services…

At least there was still Aktia (= the bank that has my VISA Electron and owes me 10€) – there was still hope for me! Or maybe not. Apparently, since I’m not 18 I wasn’t allowed to redeem the 10€ check without the presence of a parent/guardian.  Also, since there had been no sort of agreement with my parents that I was allowed to get my card without their presence I couldn’t even get my card (I’m 2 months and 25 days away from being 18 – I cannot wait!) !!

Thankfully Mom came to pick me up, so we got the card and the 10€ – then we drove to Nummela to the OP-Pohjola there and got a lecture by the bank-woman on how we could also have redeeemed the 20+30 from Aktia and blablabla – *sigh*.

So much for trying to be all grown up and mature and independent! Screw you banks! 

Then I spent 160€ on the cutest jug ever! 
Finnish design by Arabia – a lovely polar bear from 1883-1992 (I guess). Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about it (aka photos + some history 😀 )

Now I’m off to start being social – time to call Monkey and tell him to come online!