I’m feeling 22!

This year I have time to “celebrate” my birthday with le family before heading back to Tartu for another (hectic) year of studies. Maybe that’s why I’ve actually been looking forward to my birthday for once? I’m also excited because the end of August signals the beginning of September, which in turn equals seeing all of my university friends again soon.

To kickstart the day this song seems more than fitting (although I don’t exactly feel 22… I just am 22).

And here’s another one 😛

Now to resume cleaning and packing before sushi dinner later today 🙂

❤ //jz


The story of my OTD

(for future reference: OTD= obsessive tea drinking)

My first encounter with this divine drink was through summer camp breakfasts. For some reason I thought lemon tea was the way to go (perhaps one of my friends had tea, I don’t know). I believe I went overboard with the lemon tea, because I couldn’t bear the thought of drinking it for a number of years following camp.

My next obsession was mint tea… Once again I went overboard with it and found it impossible to drink for several years.

I have now reached perfect balance in my OTD when it comes to what teas I drink (… balance = drink all of them), and as a result I have dedicated an entire cupboard (read: 1.5 shelves) to my “collection”.

You may be wondering “Why on earth is this crazy person going on about their OTD? Who cares?”, which isquite an appropriate response. It just so happens that I hate coffee with a passion, and I consumed my first ever coffee today (capsule Café au lait… It was ghastly!) In an attempt tomake up for this terrible experience I had lemon tea for the first time in forever, and it brought back so many memories 😛 ❤

Anyway, this was a little peek into my life with OTD, I will now return to my little tea cabinet to nest!


The one about what I want for my birthday…

Every year I face the same problem; what do I want for my birthday?

Like any person in today’s world I wouldn’t mind getting a call saying “Congratulations! You’ve won a couple million, guaranteed health for the rest of your life, and guaranteed health and well-being for everyone else as well, world peace came as a bonus!!”, but seeing as that rarely happens I have to think and think some more every time.
This year I decided to start thinking way ahead, and I’m pleased to say I have discovered what I want – a little handy dandy mobile printer, the HP Sprocket!

I know it might seem a bit silly, but I lovelovelove tiny little photographs like this, and I think it’d be so nice to be able to print out the most precious moments/experiences and have them in my diary or even an album. In today’s ever-evolving (read: more and more technology-based world) I feel we’ve distanced ourselves from good old photographs, and even though this isn’t the same as “the good old days” I still feel it’s a step back (while still going ten steps forward).

I don’t know, I just saw this and I immediately thought of all the photos I could add to my diary or an album, anywhere really.

The paper is quite pricey, but it’s not like you would print every single picture you ever took, right? (Actually, maybe you would if you received the call I mentioned earlier 😉 )

So far, this is pretty much the only thing on my list… *goes back to work on the list*


(the belated) Clinic week!

For the past few days Facebook has been telling me “you haven’t posted anything in 25 days”, “… 26 days”, “…27 days”, “…28 days”, and today “you haven’t posted anything in 29 days” (oops, sorry, been busy, blahblah and so on)

As I promised in my last(?) post, I will tell you about my clinic (poop-shoveling) week from a few weeks back 😛

The week itself was full of early mornings (waking up at 6 to be at the clinic by 7), shoveling poop (both horse and cow) for about an hour and a half, and trying to look somewhat decent in the first lectures (8:15 lectures never seemed so daunting*), constantly watching the time to make sure you don’t miss the afternoon poop, and (finally) getting home too exhausted to function.
Despite the exhaustion I managed to study surprisingly well; no failed tests, no late assignments…

I even attended a party!

Which resulted in a sleepless night before the morning-poop-shoveling – not the best idea I’ve had in life, but I survived! (although I must admit I felt *slightly* light-headed at times – pushing a wheelbarrow full of poop up a hill of poop is no easy task!)

Something I found funny was that I learned how to put on the mouth-opening-device on a horse before learning how to put on a headcollar/halters on a horse! Oh well, doesn’t matter in which order things are learned as long av everything is learnt 🙂

It was also nice to notice how well me and the horses (3 school horses, one patient horse (treated for colic, and she was pregnant.. luckily she seemed to pull through)) got along!
I also got along great with the cow, Augustiina. At first I was a bit scared of cleaning around her (because I have absolutely *zero* experience of dealing with cows), but as I learned to read her behaviour things got way easier; I ended up loving her! A small, cute, cuddly cow 🙂 I also spent a lot of time petting and brushing her (come on! Even cows love some affection ^^)

I will try my best to write about the happenings of this past weekend, but be prepared to deal with some delayed posting 😉 Now, I’m off to bed!


*daunting as in “very difficult to do or deal with”

15 things you didn’t know about me… maybe!

So, since I’m more or less extremely bored, I figured I could do a “Things you didn’t know about me… maybe”-post. If you’re a very analytical person (or super close to me) you might know some, or all! , of these things.
(warning, some things might be a bit TMI 😛 )

#1 I have way too many playlists on Spotify

#2 I hate it when people complain about being fat when they’re not (same goes for “ugly”)

#3 I’m good at hiding how I feel in front of people

#4 … and I suffer from emotional overloads/breakdowns more often than what I know is healthy for me

#5 I love going to church, but I rarely do

#6 I label people, although I know I shouldn’t… working on that.

#7 I’m afraid of what people think of me

#8 I love to write short stories, but rarely finish them

#9 I have the most regular periods ever! Works like clockwork (and if it doesn’t I’m worried sick until something happens 😛 )

#10 I think in different languages. Swedish, English, Russian (I don’t know how that’s possible, considering my limited skills), French (same as with Russian, guess I just mumble things that sound like French?)

#11 I’ve managed to kill a cactus… I don’t know if I watered it too much, or too little… it shall remain one of the greatest mysteries life has to offer.

#12 I’m addicted to Pinterest! I’ve basically planned my entire life (and the lives of my future kids… creepy)!

#13 I’m 110% sure there’s something fishy in our house… some spirit is certainly haunting either me or the house. *shudders*

#14 A part of me thinks I’m paranoid.

#15 I like to think of myself as a nice person. I try to be good to people, fair, honest, caring and kind. I want to be able to look back at things I’ve done and give myself a pat on the shoulder and say “That’s a good thing you did right there!”

I’m sure someone knew at least one of these!