The one about a very special potato

For those who don’t care – it’s just another Wednesday!

For those who should perhaps remember, but let it slip their mind – it’s Valentine’s Day!

For me it’s just another day that I feel incredibly blessed to be able to share with my very own potato (aka le boyfriend) – Jason ♡
Now, for those who don’t know this potato happens to be located all the way in Norwich, England, and I’m currently situated in Tartu, Estonia. For those who are struggling with geography right now, let me spell it out for you; we are not in the same city, not even the same country (which kind of sucks sometimes).

In the world we live in today Valentine’s Day has become a celebration for couples, and a somewhat sad/lonely day for single people. The other end of the spectrum has emerged on social media; the “strong, independent singles” who take Valentine’s Day as a day to show the rest of the world how great it is to be single.

In the world I lived in as a child (nursery-primary school age) Valentine’s Day was a day when we would make or give cards to friends and family. In fact, we referred to it as “alla hjärtans dag”, which translates to “the day of all hearts”, or “vändag” from the FInnish word “ystävänpäivä” which translates to “friendship’s day”. I wish we could go back to that childhood definition. It simply seems a lot more inclusive, and I think it would help make the day less mopey for the singles who choose to take the mopey path.

Anyhow, back to the idea I started off with; Potato!
This is our first Valentine’s Day together, and the hopeless romantic in me feels like just that – a hopeless romantic.
I got to send a card (really cute picture on the outside, filled with my wonky handwriting on the inside) and a little gift to the person I’ve come to love more than life itself (cheesy, but true!). A man whom I hope to share my life with for a very long time. A man who loves me. A man worth the wait ♡

A year ago I was one of the mopey singles who tried to pretend to be “strong and independent” by buying her own chocolate, but in reality I was only buying the chocolate so I could watch a romantic film and munch away my emotions.
This year, however, I’m buying chocolate so I can munch away at it while on the phone with my Potato ♡ (just to make him jealous 😉 )

A lot can change in one year, and with regards to my feelings surrounding this day the change has certainly been a positive one 🙂 ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day / Glad alla hjärtans dag / Glad vändag / Hyvää ystävänpäivää ! (choose whichever one you prefer 🙂 )



The story of my OTD

(for future reference: OTD= obsessive tea drinking)

My first encounter with this divine drink was through summer camp breakfasts. For some reason I thought lemon tea was the way to go (perhaps one of my friends had tea, I don’t know). I believe I went overboard with the lemon tea, because I couldn’t bear the thought of drinking it for a number of years following camp.

My next obsession was mint tea… Once again I went overboard with it and found it impossible to drink for several years.

I have now reached perfect balance in my OTD when it comes to what teas I drink (… balance = drink all of them), and as a result I have dedicated an entire cupboard (read: 1.5 shelves) to my “collection”.

You may be wondering “Why on earth is this crazy person going on about their OTD? Who cares?”, which isquite an appropriate response. It just so happens that I hate coffee with a passion, and I consumed my first ever coffee today (capsule Café au lait… It was ghastly!) In an attempt tomake up for this terrible experience I had lemon tea for the first time in forever, and it brought back so many memories 😛 ❤

Anyway, this was a little peek into my life with OTD, I will now return to my little tea cabinet to nest!


The one about a dog…

… but not just any dog. The best, most amazing dog.

Ganda, our lovely Tibetan mastiff, passed away this morning at the honorable age of 14 years (1.4.2003-6.7.2017). I’m not going to sugarcoat it – I’m shattered. When I say she was the best, most amazing dog, I mean it. She was pure gold.

These 14 years hold a lot of memories – some of them good, some of them bad, some of them happy, and some of them sad. When I say I grew up with this dog it’s not in a dramatic, Hollywood-movie-like way, but in an honest, “this is life”-kind of way.

I was 7 (turning 8) when Ganda came to us, and I’m 21 (turning 22) when the time came for her to leave. I really did grow up with this dog. She witnessed my careless childhood years, my awkward teenage years, my stressful and excited high school years, and the beginning of my “adult” life as a university student. Through the years she has always been an unchanging, unfailing rock, and I believe she’ll continue to watch over me from behind the clouds. No matter if I was happy or sad I could count on this dog to always be there, never judging, always understanding – an honorable, admirable trait.

She was certainly not your average happy-go-lucky dog with a wagging tail and huge smile (I could probably count all the times her tail has wagged using one hand). That isn’t to say she didn’t cause trouble – stopping the traffic on our street, killing the “dog proof” kitchen gates, eating my sweets and chocolates, “reading” books, the list goes on.

However, when it came down to it, she relied on her instincts more than “I wonder what the humans want me to do”. Barking at the tractor spreading manure on the field across from our house because “That’s my field… I can see it, therefore it is my field… now it smells like cow poop…”, digging under the deck (and exposing the foundations of the house) because “I’m from Tibet… close to China… going to dig my way to China…”, not caring less about small, floppy eared dogs who came to the house, but “Big dog (or small)… pointy ears… must make sure this does not get near the house”, laying in the snow for hours on end because “Look like bear… bears hibernate in winter… must lay in snow until it covers me completely”, the list goes on.

To anyone who hasn’t had the privilege of being unconditionally loved by an animal – I’m sorry. And to anyone who has had the privilege of being unconditionally loved by an animal – I’m sorry. Why? Because the pain of letting them go is something beyond the power of words, and anyone who has felt it knows exactly what I mean.

I guess all we, as nothing but tiny humans, can do is let the tears come, and rest knowing, or at least hoping, we will see our furry friends again in some other time. Until then we hold on to the precious memories ❤


Be happy – they become happy too!

I can’t seem to get enough of sharing these happiness-picture-text-image-things! I truly believe this world could be a much better (happier/nicer/more awesome) place if more people followed the path of happiness!!
Please, could you (the person reading this) please promise to genuinely try to live a life of happiness and love, rather than the life of judgement and doubt (and all those things)? Please?

Only dead fish go with the flow! If you want something to change you have to be alive and kicking or you’ll sink to the bottom of the sea where undiscovered sea-critters will devour every last bit of you… sorry, ecology and marine biology still in my mind… *heh..*

Happiness is courage! The courage to be happy is in everyone, but sometimes we’re not courageous enough to reach for the happy-courage. However, when we take that step towards happiness we make it possible for everyone else to get there too! Remember, when you help someone else you are sure to get help when you need it. That’s the way things work.

Simple as that! Now, dear inhabitants of the Earth, please be happy! Smile! Laugh! Be kind and loving to each other – we’re in a bad enough state as it is. We don’t need any more hatred in this world, please take courage and be happy. Find joy in the small things, and the big things will fall into place.

Who knows, your smile might just make someone else’s day!! 🙂


The relationship

Why does work have to be so life-consuming?
Monkey has been staying in at office until late night almost all week so far, so we haven’t had much time to talk. Every morning I wake up realizing I didn’t have the ultimate sleep, because we didn’t get to talk properly. However, I know that this is only temporary (the part about late night office-work) and that in the end we’ll get to talk all night every night if we wish to.

Perhaps it is easier to maintain a long distance relationship based only on emotions and no physical contact. And perhaps it will be even harder to say goodbye once you’ve met… *sigh* as much as I love imagining all the great things the future holds, the first goodbye is something I’m way too scared to think about – it brings tear to my eyes every time 😦

(sorry for being so emotionally exposed btw…)

I wonder why I’m writing all this… guess part of the reason is the fact that Monkey is still at work (or asleep by mistake 😛 ? ).

I miss him.

A lot.

A whole awful lot at times. It’s not that we don’t talk – we talk for at least an hour every day, one way or another, but more along the lines of not having had enough time this past week. (I know you’ll feel bad reading this monkey..) <– reason; he hates himself when he’s not able to “give me enough time”. I try to make do with any time we have, because I know he’s working hard for our future (and I love him for it).. (sorry, I’m getting too emotional again, aren’t I?).

(I realized I probably sound way older than I actually am in the last few words I wrote.. Is that bad?)

I feel I should make a series of relationship-related posts, simply because I think this one is all a blurry mess (because I’m about to sleep as soon as I’ve talked with Monkey). Also, in the beginning of Jenishu (mine and Vishu’s relationship) I used to love reading about other people’s ldr-experienses (still do). NB I was 14 going on 15 at the time, relationship-virgin (yes, this is the first relationship I’ve ever had and it’s been going for 3½years + 1 month + 1 week + 1 day), recovering from emotional trauma, so I tended to only read the happy experiences. Later I’ve read some super sad stories and traumatic stories as well. My version would be a purely truthful story of two people madly in love, with nothing but a gigantic distance keeping them apart.
The saddest thing in our story, I think, is the fact that my father (and brother from his side) still seem to doubt the realness of it all. Even my mother, when discussing my future, says I first need to find a man. This usually happens around discussions of me watching wedding shows and seeing adorable baby clothes in stores (FAMILY, if you read this, keep it to yourself. Just take it in, don’t discuss please).

(Now I feel this post is growing too long.. *checks “Preview”*.. much too long)

Time to sum things up;
Even though some might say long distance relationships never work, there are stories of ultimate joy, happiness and success – you just have to find them. I feel safe saying I’ve found the man of my dreams. One day we’ll live happy together and that’s when, as one chapter ends, another will start. I can’t wait for that day!

// jz