The one about the holiday that passed…

I’m packing my (giant, old, pretty ugly, yet (apart from the broken zipper on one of the outside pockets) functioning) suitcase.

Bottom “shelf” – books, pencil cases.
Middle “shelf” – sweaters, trousers.
Top “shelf” – my new shoes, stethoscope….
Plastic pocket – makeup bag, face wash, lotions, all that jazz.

Additional bag – onesie, some soy based “meat replacer” 😛 , two (empty) binders, my “medicine cabinet” which is actually a metal box filled with socks, underwear, tampons…

I came home with plenty of room in my suitcase, and I’m leaving with an additional bag! What’s taking up all this space?
*sigh* I need to learn how to travel light…

This holiday has been so nice! I met lots of old friends after way too long a time, I took time away from school (which might have been a mistake, but it was worth it!), I cleaned my room (!!!), I read a book (not related to school), I properly cleaned the froggy housing, I watched way too much Netflix, I went to the movies with Axe, enjoyed the sauna more times in a week than I have in the past year (2016 😉 ), got two teeth pulled out, got my first ever stitches, drank way too much glög and tea, I had a great time!

I’m also excited for what new experiences spring term will bring (yes, I still have some obstacles to cross before I get there, but I will get there 🙂 ). I’m expecting some draining, awful, and generally uncomfortable courses (both good and bad 😉 ), but also a lot of new ideas, connections and “ahaa!” moments.
Soon, way too soon, it is back to the hustle and bustle of uni, yet I’m more exited than anything 🙂 Guess it’s a sign you’re doing the right thing?

My year of self love has had the most wonderful start, and I have my beautiful family and friends to thank most of all ❤

“You’re never too old for Disney!”



How Far Away Are Stars?

The Sun is the closest star to Earth, about 93 million miles away. The Sun’s nearest neighbor, Alpha Centauri, is actually a triple-star system —three stars bound together by gravity. Alpha Centauri A and B are two bright, closely orbiting stars with a distant, dim companion, Proxima Centauri. The binary appears to the unaided eye as a single star, the third brightest in the night sky, but it lies 4.37 light years from the Sun — Proxima Centauri claims the honor of being our true nearest neighbor at only 4.24 light years away.

It’s difficult to conceptualize such vast distances, but a popular analogy sets the Sun at the size of a grapefruit. If you wanted to get from your grapefruit-sized Sun to a grapefruit-sized Alpha Centauri system, you would have to travel about 2,500 miles, which is about the distance from coast to coast on the continental United States. And that’s just to the Sun’s closest neighbor!

– See more at:

I just had physics, and we ended up talking stars… Our teacher dropped the bomb by saying “You can see stars that are several million light years away – that’s how far light travels in millions of years!”
The entire class sat in awe for a moment, appreciating the great vastness of our Universe… I still can’t quite comprehend it… I don’t understand just how long a time a million years is!! And the distance light travels is just wow..

Let’s all take a moment to give respect to the Creator…

… This is pretty amazing!

… just saying…

… think about it!!…

… (are you thinking?)…

… (you better be, ’cause this is something!)…


Do you see how awesome this is?! I can’t even write anything… just.. wow!



“Live Like That” – how?

How does one live a proper, wholehearted life as a firm believe of Jesus Christ, the Lord?

  1. First and foremost you must learn who Jesus is and what He did, does, and will do – read the Bible to learn more about Him and in return you’ll learn more about yourself. If you don’t know anything about Him you want to be like, how will you know how to be like Him?
    Acts 20:32 says that the Word of God is able to build you up.
  2. Practice what you preach. Don’t just read the Bible and expect it to work wonders (although it will probably help you to a certain extent), in order for the Word to truly work it’s magic you must believe it and follow it. Don’t worry, God is there to help you along the way as long as you let Him.
  3. Learn to love Him and share the love with others. We receive love from God in order to be able to pass it on to others – love is a gift that has to be shared. Everything you do, do it with love!
    Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all your Heart and rely not on your own understanding.”
  4. Allow God to enter your life. He has wondrous plans for you and will make sure you reach all the goals He’s set up for you, as long as you trust Him.
  5. Care for others and treat them how you would want yourself to be treated (Golden rule of Jesus, Matthew 7:12). Put others before yourself, think beyond yourself. Do not only focus on your side of everything, broaden your views.
  6. Be considerate of others in all you do. Don’t act only upon your own interests, be considerate.
  7. Watch how you speak. Only speak words of love, kindness and encouragement. Do not go behind someone’s back – be truthful.
  8. Do your best. God knows we’re terrible at doing the right things, but He won’t judge the results, he will judge the intentions and effort we put into getting those results.
  9. Pray, pray and pray some more, not only for yourself, but for others in need as well. God will fix everything much better than any human ever could, justrely on Him in everything you do and you’ll be well on your way to superb end results 🙂
  10. Always remember God is great. Praise Him, worship Him, thank Him, love Him, be like Him.

Have a blessed rest of the day 🙂




“More to See”

Every now and then I feel as though nothing makes sense (I think everyone has those days..?) and whenever I feel that way – BOOM! I listen to this song; cheerful, energizing +  a great message!

Let’s face it, God only wants what’s best for us, and He works in mysterious ways (cheesy, but true)!!

Have a blessed day (week, month, year, life) everyone 🙂



“It Is Finished”

Over the Christmas holidays I was on camp called MVV (Midvinterveckan, English; Midwinter week) and Debbie-Ann Bax was there preaching, singing, making the camp absolutely amazing for me. Here’s her song “It Is Finished”.

(Now I’ll return to my studies 😉 )