How To.. Not Look Like Sushi on the Beach!

Well, not quite a “how to”… You’d have to be a mermaid!




How to: be skinny!

Ah, I love how to’s ūüėČ

TADAA! Let’s all be skinny! It’s easier than you thought!


How To live longer!


Sounds like I’m going to live forever! + Laughter makes you live longer – I’m immortal¬†!

Live a lazy life – live longer!

HA! I realized why this works; being lazy means it takes longer for things to get done, right? The same applies to life! It takes longer for it to finish –> you live longer!

“Live Like That” – how?

How does one live a proper, wholehearted life as a firm believe of Jesus Christ, the Lord?

  1. First and foremost you must learn¬†who¬†Jesus is and¬†what¬†He did, does, and will do – read the Bible to¬†learn more¬†about¬†Him¬†and¬†in return you’ll learn more about yourself.¬†If you don’t know anything about Him you want to be like, how will you know how to be like Him?
    Acts 20:32 says that the Word of God is able to build you up.
  2. Practice what you preach.¬†Don’t just read the Bible and expect it to work wonders (although it will probably help you to a certain extent), in order for the Word to¬†truly¬†work it’s magic you must believe it and follow it. Don’t worry, God is there to help you along the way as long as you let Him.
  3. Learn to love Him and share the love with others. We receive love from God in order to be able to pass it on to others Рlove is a gift that has to be shared. Everything you do, do it with love!
    Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all your Heart and rely not on your own understanding.”
  4. Allow God to enter your life.¬†He has wondrous plans for you and will make sure you reach all the goals He’s set up for you, as long as you¬†trust¬†Him.
  5. Care for others and treat them how you would want yourself to be treated (Golden rule of Jesus, Matthew 7:12). Put others before yourself, think beyond yourself. Do not only focus on your side of everything, broaden your views.
  6. Be considerate of others in all you do.¬†Don’t act only upon your own interests, be considerate.
  7. Watch how you speak. Only speak words of love, kindness and encouragement. Do not go behind someone’s back – be truthful.
  8. Do your best.¬†God knows we’re terrible at doing the right things, but He won’t judge the results, he will judge the intentions and effort we put into getting those results.
  9. Pray, pray and pray some more, not only for yourself, but for others in need as well. God will fix everything much better than any human ever could, justrely on Him in everything you do and you’ll be well on your way to superb end results ūüôā
  10. Always remember God is great. Praise Him, worship Him, thank Him, love Him, be like Him.

Have a blessed rest of the day ūüôā