My brain has left me for an early holiday…


Only one exam left! Yes, I’ve made it this far (don’t know how, but I’ve survived).

Currently my brain seems to be taking an early leave for summer holiday, so I’m left feeling somewhat empty-headed.

Actually, no, I feel like the space that is normally occupied by my little brain has been filled with mucus produced by my body in defense against all of this flipping pollen that’s flying around at the moment. Thanks body, so nice of you to look after me (and make me feel like I have a cold…).

Anyway, only one exam left! Yay!
I’m so done. There is no way my brain can take any more information at this point (which is probably why it decided to leave early). Luckily I’ve already gone over the material once before (we had two tests already, and the last one is sort of a recap of everything – yay… not).

This is pretty much what has been going on in my head for the past few days – thank you information overload! (it has lyrics, please sing along 😛 )

I will try to push through these last few days of torture and then enjoy my well-deserved holiday! I’m sure ice cream and chocolate will be my best friends as I try to survive 🙂 😉 😛

To those who are still struggling: You can do it!
To those lucky bastards who have already successfully escaped to holiday land: Good job, please don’t rub it in 😉
To myself: Soon… very soon.



It’s that time of year again…

When you read this I will probably be dead, or dying, surrounded by books, notes, chocolate wrappers, and highlighters.
And perhaps a few pizza boxes, empty of course.

Yes, exam season is at its worst.




7I think I’ll just leave this here.


The one about what I want to do in the future…

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what exactly I want to do after I graduate (seems like a reasonable thought to have in the middle of exam stress, right?). People have asked me, and I have asked myself multiple times, so I figured I might as well break my thoughts down to smaller sections (and maybe, just maybe, make some sense of them).

1- Obviously I love dogs (always have, always will), but a part of me is madly in love with cattle. (Get it? Mad cattle… BSE… “Mad cow disease”? … No? … okay *goes to hide under a rock*) However, I don’t really have that big of a passion for horses, or pigs for that matter. Sure, I think horses are amazingly beautiful and all that, but I don’t have that personal connection I think I would need in order to want to get more involved in equine medicine.


2 – I absolutely love anatomy and seeing what’s going on on the inside (in other words, I loved opening our anatomy specimens), and our teacher said “You have the hands of a surgeon, Jenny”. Needless to say, it made me smile. Every time.


So there’s a part of me that wants to go into small animal surgery (orthopedic stuff perhaps?) , and a slightly smaller part that wants to have something to do with cows (perhaps just cuddling calves 24/7?).


3- Then there’s the part of me that dreams of having a small “clinic” at my house. (*insert “Work From Home” here*) And that sort of pushes me towards small animal practice again.


4 – I also love how much people care about their pets (by pets I mean cats and dogs, not including horses etc. here now). I feel like the production side of things is so closely related to making profit, that it’s often easier (read “more profitable) to just cull an animal, instead of spending a lot of time, money and effort on trying to fix it (“it” = the animal and/or its problems). And I want to do things. I want to analyse blood work, I want to look at X-rays, I want to try to figure out what’s wrong with the animal and try to come up with a way of fixing it. Which pushes me towards small animals.
(Yes, I know people spend tons of money, time and effort on trying to fix their horses, but I go back to my very first thought regarding the lack of a personal relationship with horses…)

The more I think about these things, the more confused I get. I think I’m leaning towards small animal (surgery?) at the moment. Getting to follow Mysse’s surgery definitely gave me a slight push in that direction as well (and there is nothing stopping me from hugging the occasional cow alongside that 😉 )
I am also very much aware that I’m in no rush to decide what I want to do just yet… I just want to be prepared… Although I have a feeling I’ll never be prepared 😛



The one about stones, scrubs… and nuts ;)

Last Thursday Mysse went into surgery to remove two urinary stones and two not-so-small nuts (yes, he has lost his balls for good). The people at the clinic were so lovely they allowed me into the OR to follow the surgery.
I was really worried about how the surgery would go, since Mysse isn’t exactly a young chap anymore, but to my relief everything went well and he’s now crashing into everything with his cone of shame.


I don’t know why putting on scrubs was such a big deal for me… I guess it somehow makes me feel like at the end of all this studying is a real world where I’ll get to make a difference? I don’t know, but it felt great 🙂 (Also, they’re really comfy!! How to tell you’ve chosen a great career; you get to wear comfy clothes all day, every day! 😀 )


(the belated) Clinic week!

For the past few days Facebook has been telling me “you haven’t posted anything in 25 days”, “… 26 days”, “…27 days”, “…28 days”, and today “you haven’t posted anything in 29 days” (oops, sorry, been busy, blahblah and so on)

As I promised in my last(?) post, I will tell you about my clinic (poop-shoveling) week from a few weeks back 😛

The week itself was full of early mornings (waking up at 6 to be at the clinic by 7), shoveling poop (both horse and cow) for about an hour and a half, and trying to look somewhat decent in the first lectures (8:15 lectures never seemed so daunting*), constantly watching the time to make sure you don’t miss the afternoon poop, and (finally) getting home too exhausted to function.
Despite the exhaustion I managed to study surprisingly well; no failed tests, no late assignments…

I even attended a party!

Which resulted in a sleepless night before the morning-poop-shoveling – not the best idea I’ve had in life, but I survived! (although I must admit I felt *slightly* light-headed at times – pushing a wheelbarrow full of poop up a hill of poop is no easy task!)

Something I found funny was that I learned how to put on the mouth-opening-device on a horse before learning how to put on a headcollar/halters on a horse! Oh well, doesn’t matter in which order things are learned as long av everything is learnt 🙂

It was also nice to notice how well me and the horses (3 school horses, one patient horse (treated for colic, and she was pregnant.. luckily she seemed to pull through)) got along!
I also got along great with the cow, Augustiina. At first I was a bit scared of cleaning around her (because I have absolutely *zero* experience of dealing with cows), but as I learned to read her behaviour things got way easier; I ended up loving her! A small, cute, cuddly cow 🙂 I also spent a lot of time petting and brushing her (come on! Even cows love some affection ^^)

I will try my best to write about the happenings of this past weekend, but be prepared to deal with some delayed posting 😉 Now, I’m off to bed!


*daunting as in “very difficult to do or deal with”