Travel around the world with Disney!

Ever wondered where your favourite Disney movies take place? Perhaps you’d like to pay a visit? I know I would!! Oh My Disney (I think?) shared this map a while ago and I’ve been planning my Disneytrip around the world ever since!!

For a higher quality (bigger) image, simply click the map 🙂

Alaska! Brother Bear – such beautiful wilderness *ah-fresh-air*

Hawaii! Lilo and Stitch! I have to learn how to surf 😀

India! For relatively obvious reasons + the Jungle Book!

Africa! The Lion King and all the lovely monkeys of Tarzan 🙂

Norway! Frozen fjords – so pretty, much wow..!

42 Wallaby Way, Sydney –> I have to visit this  place! Australia it is!

I loveloveloved Brave, Scotland! I looove the accent, the hills… *ah*

Gosh, can I just go everywhere? *waiting for the day I have money*



La Reine des Neiges – part 2

From “Let it go” (Libérée, délivrée) to “Love is an open door” (L’amour est un cadeau)

So cute ^^
(Is this a sign I should leave YouTube… enough for today? 😛 )


Libérée, délivrée

I’ve recently experienced this HUGE addiction to “Let it go” in different languages; hated the Finnish version, loved the French (Anaïs Delva, you have just acquired yourself a new fan!!), and I’m tired of taking my addiction out only on Monkey, so here goes nothing – sharing my addictions with the world… wow… what a way to go! 😛 “POP-version” first, then the movie-edition 😀

*teenage-girl-scream*: I love “Le froid est pour moi le prix de la liberté” !!
This, dear friends, is how you learn loads of random sentences in a ton of random languages 😉 My secret revealed (Mon secret ne survivra pas, parce que j’ai dit au monde ce qu’il est) …? Hahaha To anyone who knows French. I’m sorry, that was probably sooo screwed up – please excuse my terribly terrible skills, I promise I’ll do my best to improve!

For those of you who are now craving to hear the Finnish version – I present to you “Taakse jää”…. *gluah*

Gah… I can’t stand it… Solution; I won’t listen to it!!
Useful sentence learned: “Je ne mentirai plus jamais” 😀