I guess I ought to tell a bit about myself and the reasons I ever considered blogging to be a relatively well-suited hobby for me. Also, why in the world does a Finnish teen who speaks fluent Swedish and Finnish decide to blog in English?

My name is Jenny and I’m born in the rather awesome year of 1995! I’ve lived my entire life in the forests of Southern Finland, born within the metropolitan area, but at the age of 3 moved with my parents to a place right outside the metropolitan border – logic-level extreme! I’m sure it must have seemed like a great idea at the time 🙂

A map of the municipalities of Uusimaa.

A map of the cities and municipalities of Uusimaa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vihti = my home! ♥

A beautiful place, really!

I’ve always enjoyed both writing and reading, but it wasn’t until my middle school times that I got into blogging. I had heard of people in my school creating blogs for themselves, and as any teen who wants nothing more but to fit in I decided to create my first blog. I was blogging @ jenzzrandom.blogspot.com for quite some time, but felt people weren’t really reading my thoughts. I got one subscriber (my boyfriend) and decided to change to WordPress in hopes of more subscribers, comments etc. .
Immediately I saw a change; I got more likes on my “Hi, I’m random” FB-page, subscribers and likes on my posts!

The topics I write about are quite random. Mostly I write about what goes on in my life, but every now and then I might get an urge to post some pictures, quotes or stories I find funny (you’ll have to bear with my somewhat twisted sense of humour). Also I might post tutorials (rare!), advise from own experience and so on… almost anything, really!

As a student I’m currently preparing for university-studies, hopefully not far from home, perhaps abroad – nobody knows 🙂 My dream is to get to study veterinary medicine!! In the process of applying I’ve taken the IELTS-test (a nice experience), and in the future I’m going to take the SAT test in Biology (M or E). These are some of the things I might just end up writing about here 🙂

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay, please subsribe and like my FB-page (link at the bottom of the bloggy). Everything is greatly appreciated 😛



One thought on “About

  1. Terri says:

    Busy girl!! Instant noodles, really? I expected more of you, such as quail eggs and vodka. 🙂 I see you’re (mostly) enjoying your studies. I wasn’t at all surprised that you were the one diving in to disect the calf…hesitation would so not be the Jenny I know.

    Those noodles are the staple diet of every American college student around. They’re called Ramen Noodles and are basically just salt. LOL

    Your writing skills in English are awesome. Nobody would know your native language is so far off from mine. Now teach me Estonian. Ouch…my head hurts just thinking about it!

    Miss your crazy family,

    Terri across The Pond

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