The one about the ceiling renovation…

As you may or may not have seen/read/heard we had quite the eventful Estonian independence day celebration this year (read all about it here 😉 )

Today it is getting fixed… hopefully.

Originally we were supposed to be at uni all day today, but due to the teacher being out of town the lecture and associated practical work class were cancelled. This means we’re at home, able to observe the renovation process (which I’m quite happy about). During the day I’ll add some of my thoughts and we’ll see what kind of post this ends up being – we might have a glorious new ceiling by the end of today, or we might not have a ceiling at all… Everything is possible!

So far there’s just been a lot of running back and forth, in and out of the house… And there’s plasterboard crusties sort of all over the place. The neighbour has apparently enlisted an elderly lady to do the fixing… Needless to say I have my doubts about what the final product will be. However, the lady is giving quite sharp orders to the poor man, so that’s good! #ladypower

– – – – – – – – – – day goes on – – – – – – – – – –

Well… turns out, this is a paint job?! The lady will be back tomorrow morning to finish the paint job… *sigh* and here we were, hoping they would actually fix the problem and not just cover the stains…

Welcome to the not-so-good-in-the-long-run way of doing things!