The one about names…

I have always loved coming up with names for things, mainly toys and pets (I’m not crazy enough to name my boobs, I think naming your body parts sort of proves to everyone you’re maybe a bit crazy).
Anyway, I recently created and Excel-file with a bunch of sheets – “Ben & Jerry’s”, “Christmas”, “Tea”, “Cocktails”, and “Coldplay” to name a few, and the sheets each have corresponding “names” in them. And the names are colour coded pink (for girls), blue (for boys), and purple (unisex names 😛 ).

Yes, I have started planning out dog names! Not nicknames, but official names. Basically, I have set myself on the path of becoming a breeder… “Why?” you may ask (very good question, ten points to you!), I honestly don’t know.

I’ve grown up surrounded by a bunch of dogs, my mum has bred Charlies for a very long time, I have attended dog shows since before I can remember… I guess the dog world is just engraved into my very being…

I have also come up with a few kennel names (!!!), but I won’t give those away 😉 The only “problem” I have at the moment is in order to apply for a kennel name I would have to go through a “breeders’ training”-thing organised by the Finnish Kennel Union (information about breeding, laws, duties, responsibilities etc. etc. ) and when applying for the name itself I would have to inform them of which breed(s) I’m interested in breeding… but I just want to reserve a kennel name for myself “just in case, if and when I decide to dedicate myself to this at some point, that point not being now”… *sigh*

Also, perhaps beside the point, I have so many names there is no way I’ll ever be able to breed this many dogs 😛 oops..



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