The one about the holiday that passed…

I’m packing my (giant, old, pretty ugly, yet (apart from the broken zipper on one of the outside pockets) functioning) suitcase.

Bottom “shelf” – books, pencil cases.
Middle “shelf” – sweaters, trousers.
Top “shelf” – my new shoes, stethoscope….
Plastic pocket – makeup bag, face wash, lotions, all that jazz.

Additional bag – onesie, some soy based “meat replacer” 😛 , two (empty) binders, my “medicine cabinet” which is actually a metal box filled with socks, underwear, tampons…

I came home with plenty of room in my suitcase, and I’m leaving with an additional bag! What’s taking up all this space?
*sigh* I need to learn how to travel light…

This holiday has been so nice! I met lots of old friends after way too long a time, I took time away from school (which might have been a mistake, but it was worth it!), I cleaned my room (!!!), I read a book (not related to school), I properly cleaned the froggy housing, I watched way too much Netflix, I went to the movies with Axe, enjoyed the sauna more times in a week than I have in the past year (2016 😉 ), got two teeth pulled out, got my first ever stitches, drank way too much glög and tea, I had a great time!

I’m also excited for what new experiences spring term will bring (yes, I still have some obstacles to cross before I get there, but I will get there 🙂 ). I’m expecting some draining, awful, and generally uncomfortable courses (both good and bad 😉 ), but also a lot of new ideas, connections and “ahaa!” moments.
Soon, way too soon, it is back to the hustle and bustle of uni, yet I’m more exited than anything 🙂 Guess it’s a sign you’re doing the right thing?

My year of self love has had the most wonderful start, and I have my beautiful family and friends to thank most of all ❤

“You’re never too old for Disney!”



How I’m going to make 2017 a year to remember


A new year is always seen as a chance to start fresh, blank canvas, clear slate, new beginnings – you name it.
We make great resolutions: go to the gym more, drink less alcohol, live without sweets for a month, lose 50kg by summer, save money to go wherever – you name it.

Well, the downside to this kind of view is that we get discouraged and give up when we notice our resolutions are “impossible” and we’re too bad to succeed with whatever it is we promised ourselves… and it’s been less than a week! We give up so easily.

My theme for 2017 is self love. We are all way too hard on ourselves, and others, and that needs to change. For me that moment was the moment the clock hit 00:00 1.1.2017.
From now on I’ll be more forgiving, more accepting, more loving, more open, more confident, more determined, and most importantly 110% me (not that I haven’t been myself before, I’m just going to work on accepting the extra 10% 🙂 )
I’m going to try to bring joy and love with me wherever life takes me. I’m going to be there for others in their time of need, and I’m going to be strong enough to ask for help when I need it. And I will be loving enough to forgive myself when I don’t reach the sky high goals I’ve set myself, and remain determined to eventually reach them.

One of the seemingly sky high goals I’ve set for myself is to lose weight  and change the way I see myself, and the way I let the world see me, for good. I’ve not set a “goal weight”, because I just want to feel good be it at 80kg or 65kg (or anywhere in between). I’ve also not set a deadline for when I need to reach this goal, because of the following reasons

  1. It’s not a diet
  2. I don’t know how quickly/slowly my body will respond to the small changes I’m going to implement
  3. I don’t even know how my body will respond
  4. My 2017 will circle very much around loving and accepting myself for who I am at all times, now, in two weeks and in 5 months time – and from there until forever.

I think the way we see ourselves is twisted, and the way we see others is even more so. How can you truly love yourself if you are constantly judging the people around you? How can you expect people to love you? If you focus on the bad, how will you ever notice the good? I want to see the good!
I believe that the way we perceive our surroundings changes our surroundings, be it for better or for worse. By changing the way we see we can change the way we are seen.

This year, 2017, I will be sporting a few mantras, one of them being “Don’t give up. When you fall, which you will, get back up and at it.” Because the truth is every day, every second, is a chance to start fresh. Every moment you are given on this earth is a moment you should not let go to waste. Use it to work towards something bigger and better.

I want to see change in 2017, and I will work harder than ever to make that change happen.