The Time We Carried 5kg of Macaroni Around Town

The titles just keep improving 😛 I can’t disclose too much of this macaroni-business, but we have a 5kg bag of macaroni in our kitchen…
Actually, the macaroni was meant to be delivered at our doorstep, but for some unknown reason that didn’t happen and we had to carry it across town (not really, but I quite like the image of that).
Fortunately it was dark when the transport took place – I have a feeling we might have received some judging looks had we walked around with a giant bag of macaroni in broad daylight!

Just a regular Wednesday 😉

Anyway, student life has commenced once again! Halfway through second week already (when’s my first holiday coming up?)
I’ve been super busy with the whole tutoring-thing, and this week (or well, only Friday really) will be quite something. There will be more on that later (hopefully soon after Friday).