The one about the year that passed

I have now spent 11 days at home, and it’s quite strange I haven’t gotten around to writing this post until now. In my defense; I have been really busy (but that’s not what this post was supposed to be about… oh well, it’s my blog after all!)

  • I’ve got a third frog; named him Orro-Karus after two of my university lecturers/professors/teachers/don’t know their titles
  • I’ve had one wisdom teeth pulled out
  • I’ve tried to clean (we all know this story: you try to clean, but get distracted and end up making even more of a mess)
  • I’ve read books for fun!
  • I’ve been driving back and forth from here to there and everywhere in between

    and stuff along those lines.

However, this post was supposed to be about my first year of university. My first year abroad. My first year living away from home. My first year of a whole bunch of firsts.

In many ways it’s been much like any other year; had its highs and lows, I’ve laughed more than I ever thought possible, but I’ve also cried… a lot (please let’s not get into that). The highs definitely outnumber the lows a billion to one.
I’ve also met so many amazing people; people who inspire and motivate me, people who make me want to grow, people I can grow alongside, people who will change (people always change), and people who will spark a change (changes?) in me, the people I will spend the next 5 years studying alongside – my future colleagues.

So, what did we “achieve” this year?

  • did not fail a single test (not a single one!)
  • got a place of our own
  • survived dormitory life
  • managed to budget our life (at least somewhat okay 😉 )
  • learned (at least some) Estonian
  • got much more comfortable around cows and horses
  • went “out” more in a week than I’d done in the past 2 years 😛
  • spent hours talking about the deeper aspects of life when we should have been sleeping
  • managed to stay (almost completely) healthy! (meaning I didn’t have to go to the doctors for any illness, of course there was the usual cold etc. but nothing major)
  • survived one of the lowest lows we’ve encountered so far (let’s not go there)
  • watched more movies in a weekend than I’d watched in all of my life so far
  • tried a bunch of new foods
  • made a bunch of new favourite foods 😉

    and perhaps most importantly

  • stayed 100% true to who I am and managed to make some pretty amazing friends!

    and also

  • got definite proof I’m doing the right thing (ah, life in the Lord is pretty amazing, isn’t it? ❤ )

Below will be a list of songs I’ve either listened to on repeat for days (weeks, months) on end, or songs that I feel describe the past year of my life (some may be oldies but goodies, others may be freshly pressed).

Of course some “deep songs” have also been part of my life 🙂

… and so many more songs (why can’t I remember all the songs I’ve played as this year’s soundtrack?)

All in all, this year was without a doubt a success! So many wonderful memories, amazing moments, and beautiful people – I honestly cannot wait to get back to business with these guys in September!