The day we got accused of smoking…

Do you know that feeling when you’re happily washing windows, not a care in the world, when suddenly the man who own the entire building you live in (he probably owns every single apartment except for the one we are renting) knocks on the glass (thank god it hadn’t been washed yet) and asks you “Do you smoke?” with elaborate hand signals.

Now, anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact I don’t smoke (and quite frankly I have difficulty understanding the people who do, just my opinion), so this question was rather surprising (to say the least).
I, of course, told him “no” to which he responded “… but your friend (referring to my flatmate) smokes”. Again, I told him “no, neither one of us smokes”.
– Yes, there is a lot of smoke (cigarette stumps) here *pointing at the corner of the building*
“Well, they’re not from us. Neither one of us smokes”
– Your friends smoke?
“No, none of our friends smoke. No one who comes here smokes”
– Yes they smoke. I know because I know no one who lives here, no owner smokes (and listen to this) You are the only one with guests. Only your friends come here.
“But none of our friends smoke”
– Okay, okay. This one time I can clean up. I give you 10€ bill you pay me. Okay?
“The are not from us………”
– Okay. And your friends don’t come here, okay? Because they smoke.
“Okay (I was ready to give up), but if our friends don’t smoke they can come here?”
-No, because they smoke.
“They don’t…”
-Well maybe I don’t want to work as cleaner, okay? Okay, bye.

Excuse me? What just happened?
Soon after, Juulia walked to the kitchen (she just woke up). I told her “Juulia, we’re being accused of smoking. Or at least our friends smoke”
– What?
And I explained this all to her.

I sent a text to our landlord explaining the situation and he soon replied: I’LL CALL HIM SOON.
The situation was made a billion times funnier because his texts are always in capital letters 😛
A while later the man knocked on (the now freshly cleaned) window *sigh*
He said “Sorry, I was sick bandit. Is not you”
– Yes, they’re not from us
“Yes, so sorry”

Excuse me? What?
I don’t think I want to know what our landlord told him… A while later he texted “I HOPE THIS PROBLEM IS NOW SOLVED”

What a way to start the day!
Anyway, our windows are now clean and see through! (sure, a few droplets here and there, but not covered in dust, mud, bird poop and all that “good stuff” 😛 Seriously, when I was done it looked like the windows were open (I did a good job 😉 )

Now, back to studying (three exams left; histology on Wednesday, physiology on Friday, and anatomy on either Monday or Wednesday the week after….. haven’t decided yet… probably Wednesday (8.6)