Today was a good day

  • I passed biochemistry (got a D with minimal preparation and zero motivation)… (or well, I didn’t want to fail πŸ˜› )
  • we took the dogs for a looong walk/outing along the river
    Eetu went swimming more than once, Aida didn’t run away (thank you meatballs and sausage for being a great motivator for dogs to come when called, no matter what), we made some doggy friends (doggies ran around together releasing some energy)…

What else does a day need?

Ah, also:

  • it didn’t rain!

Great day!!
(doggies are sleeping on the sofa, and I’ll head to bed early tonight)
…. (that moment when you celebrate by sleeping πŸ˜› )



A one-day getaway

This past Sunday our “tutor group” (6 people who will take on the challenge of helping next year’s new students get to know each other, the school, the city, themselves, and everything even remotely connected to life in Tartu) went away for a day.

We took a walk (roughly 3km?) in Taevaskoda. The roadΒ to the place wasn’t as easy as one might think, we took a turn via a similar “hiking” place a few minutes further away. Luckily Google works even in Estonia and we found the correct path in the woods πŸ™‚

(just as a word of warning, there will be a currently undefined number of relatively big pictures in this post, so it will be long – prepare to scroll and scroll some more πŸ™‚ )


Our group πŸ™‚ the “tutor tutors” Silja and Anna-Mari aren’t pictured, but Silja’s dogs made it. Those two nutters will stay with me and Juulia for a week (starting tomorrow)

Eetu, the bigger dog, lost his frisbee in the first puddle of water he saw. He ran to drink/swim, dropped his frisbee and watched it sink to the bottom.

Here the frisbee was still with us, probably in someone’s hand, but only seconds after this picture was taken the poor thing had disappeared into the depths of the lake 😦

our desperate attempts to recover the lost frisbee

I would like to point out that the purpose of this getaway was to bring the tutor group closer together; I think we can all agree it was a success! I mean, just look at the above picture!!

Despite losing his beloved frisbee, Eetu found ways to be happy πŸ™‚

Here is where we took a break (you know how students are, always on the lookout for feeding opportunities). The entire side of the mountain/hill/rock-thing was covered with inscriptions.

not sure how well they show up on the screen, but the inscriptions/carvingsΒ mightΒ be seen. Some were quite pretty, others…. not so much πŸ˜›

We had brought along some sausages and stuff, with the intention of heating them…

it worked out just great πŸ˜› the darn thing just wouldn’t heat up! In the end we got smoke-heated sausages… and a bleeding finger… (note the very questioning looks Allu is getting from both us and the dogs)

After eating we lost a tennis ball to this plot of water… “Just great! We’ve lost a frisbee, we didn’t manage to heat the food, and now we’ve lost a tennis ball!” Oh well πŸ˜›

As we continued our walk we came across some pretty cute little bits of nature:

The seat of Metsavana (something like “forest elder”). According to a sign you might catch a glimpse of him if you’re quiet and still enough πŸ™‚

carvings in the sandy rock

There were huge amounts ofΒ A. hepaticaΒ (tried my best to find a “normal” English name for it…. kidneywort? pennywort? anyway, the flower pictured before the actual post)

“native to woodland in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.”
“Medieval herbalists believed it could be used to treat liver diseases, and is still used in alternative medicine today. Other modern applications by herbalists include treatments for pimples, bronchitis and gout.”
– Wikipedia

Before heading back we stopped by the lake where the frisbee was lost. Somehow we managed to fish it up from the muddy bottom! However, Eetu had found a new friend for himself….

We still saved his frisbee, and he will most probably be going crazy for it when he’s over here…. I can’t wait…. luckily we’ve already agreed that Juulia will be the one walking/dealing with Eetu, and I’ll take care of Aida πŸ™‚

Our day continued with some games and food (this time it was warm!) at Mooste mΓ΅is. We had a chance to go to savusauna (literally “smoke sauna”), but me, Emmi and Sonja chose not to. Instead we were listening to music and eating chips/crisps while the others enjoyed the sauna. For obvious reasons I won’t share any sauna-pictures, just saying….

We reached home at half past eleven in the night, and boy did I sleep well! What they say about “you sleep better after being outside in the fresh air” is definitely true!
The day was really nice; walking in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of friends and dogs – it simply can’t go wrong!
A very big thankyou to Silja and Anna-Mari for arranging this and dealing with six loud and crazy tutors to-be πŸ˜‰


I take no credit for the pictures: all credits to Sonja and Silja who were running around with cameras all day πŸ™‚

Suolet ry 14th anniversary-celebration-thing

On 9th April I attended my first ever academic celebration; Suolet ryΒ (Association of Finnish Veterinary Students in Estonia) celebrated its 14th birthday!
As you can tell by the champagne-picture above it was fancy af; everyone dressed in beautiful dresses (men, all five of them πŸ˜› , in suits), hair done, makeup done, food was fancy, speeches were given… I liked it!

I was hoping someone would have got decent pictures of our friend group, but no… Oh well, we have a few selfies and group photos to add here, those will have to do!


the venue, thank you Korp. Rotalia


note the beautiful red dresses πŸ™‚ My closest classmate-friends went with a red-black-blue theme, which I found quite funny!

IMG-20160409-WA0003 [5370]

tried my best to re-focus the picture – hello selfie quality πŸ˜›

IMG-20160409-WA0002 [5371]

We thank Juulia for this shaky picture πŸ˜‰


VM1 – there’s around 30 of us in total, here’s everyone who attended the celebrations… I count 19 of us


Our Estonian language teacher, Linda, was voted “Favourite teacher” by our class


so… the story behind this picture: we had to pull a weird/funny face…… I believe this picture was taken a second too late πŸ˜›

My expectations for the festivities weren’t all that high, but the experience was a positive surprise. You’ll see more fancy pictures again next year, because I’m planning on going again πŸ™‚ Everyone deserves to have at least one day (per year… or academic year) when they get to dress up and look all prim and proper (especially when you’re studying veterinary medicine and your OOTD consists of the same leggings and sweater week in and week out (throw in the odd lab-coat or overall), purely out of practical reasons.

I’ll try my best to write about yesterday’s tutor-trip to PΓ΅lva ASAP (I need to get some pictures first), and I really should prepare for Thursday’s biochemistry exam (and then i can say goodbye to biochemistry forever!)…
Speaking of exams (!!); today was a good day! I passed my oral anatomy exam (respiratory organs), and also found out I passed my written anatomy exam (digestive system) which I gave last Wednesday (or Thursday?) – YAY!


(the belated) Clinic week!

For the past few days Facebook has been telling me “you haven’t posted anything in 25 days”, “… 26 days”, “…27 days”, “…28 days”, and today “you haven’t posted anything in 29 days” (oops, sorry, been busy, blahblah and so on)

As I promised in my last(?) post, I will tell you about my clinic (poop-shoveling) week from a few weeks back πŸ˜›

The week itself was full of early mornings (waking up at 6 to be at the clinic by 7), shoveling poop (both horse and cow) for about an hour and a half, and trying to look somewhat decent in the first lectures (8:15 lectures never seemed so daunting*), constantly watching the time to make sure you don’t miss the afternoon poop, and (finally) getting home too exhausted to function.
Despite the exhaustion I managed to study surprisingly well; no failed tests, no late assignments…

I even attended a party!

Which resulted in a sleepless night before the morning-poop-shoveling – not the best idea I’ve had in life, but I survived! (although I must admit I felt *slightly* light-headed at times – pushing a wheelbarrow full of poop up a hill of poop is no easy task!)

Something I found funny was that I learned how to put on the mouth-opening-device on a horse before learning how to put on a headcollar/halters on a horse! Oh well, doesn’t matter in which order things are learned as long av everything is learnt πŸ™‚

It was also nice to notice how well me and the horses (3 school horses, one patient horse (treated for colic, and she was pregnant.. luckily she seemed to pull through)) got along!
I also got along great with the cow, Augustiina. At first I was a bit scared of cleaning around her (because I have absolutely *zero* experience of dealing with cows), but as I learned to read her behaviour things got way easier; I ended up loving her! A small, cute, cuddly cow πŸ™‚ I also spent a lot of time petting and brushing her (come on! Even cows love some affection ^^)

I will try my best to write about the happenings of this past weekend, but be prepared to deal with some delayed posting πŸ˜‰ Now, I’m off to bed!


*daunting as in “very difficult to do or deal with”