Signs I’m doing the right thing

I still can’t believe I’m actually studying to become a veterinarian.. Just because I always dreamed of it doesn’t mean I expected my dreams to actually come true (or at least begin to unfold)!
There’s been so many times when I’ve thought “Am I doing the right thing?”, “What if I realize this isn’t what I’m meant to do?”, what if, what if, what if…

Well, last night I had a dream that I think is a direct sign I’m on the right path;

I dreamed that one of the older students posted the following (in Finnish) in one of our Facebook groups: “Hello, just wanted to inform you that next Wednesday there will be an info session in class A-201 about Canada. Working permits, immigration info, etc. Hope to see you there!”

Now, anyone who’s spent some time with me knows that I’m in love with Canada. I’ve only been there once (that too 6 years ago…?), for a week or two, in the winter, in Quebec, but I fell in love. The people, the atmosphere, the snow (or rather, the amount of snow)… it was perfect! And ever since that trip I’ve wanted more! Moremoremore..!

Back to the dream..
It felt so unbelievably real… When I woke up I remember frantically looking through all the groups trying to find this post so I could double check the date/time or something – I was that convinced it was real!
If this is not a sign for me, then I don’t know what could be…

I feel confident saying I’m going to make my dreams come true. No matter what it takes, no matter how many times I question myself I won’t fail, because someone somewhere is definitely guiding me, and that makes me feel safe.


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