Happy 60th Birthday ESC!!

Never done this before, but here is a written commentary on the 60th Eurovision Song Contest 🙂

Slovenia Maraaya – I’m here for you
Meh… Sure it’s a catchy song, but I don’t like it. Maybe it’s the way she sings?Or the headphones? Wonder what she’s listening to 😉

France Lisa Angell – N’oubliez pas
I’m happy I understand the title of the song (and the odd sentence here and there). Wish the background was different (I like how it turned much happier towards the end!).. Anyway the song is nice, really like it! 🙂

Israel Nadav Guedj – Golden Boy
Party!! I believe I read somewhere he’s only 16?! No way!! There is no way this guy is only 16!!! (LOVE his shoes though!) My favourite part of the song is the chorus – likelikelike!

Estonia Elina Born & Stig Rästa – Good bye to yesterday
Didn’t like the song when I first heard it, it’s nice after a few times 😉 I love the simple show; lights, shadows, only two people on stage – less is more. The song is quite (very) repetitive… I would have liked the girl to sing more!

United Kingdom Electro Velvet – Still in Love with You
LOVE the happiness! I don’t get the lights on their clothes though… too much like a cheap night club… The song is catchy and happyhappy, ok-nice 🙂

Armenia Genealogy – Face the Shadow
I had hoped for more with 6 people singing… The chorus just doesn’t fit the song, all is good except for the bloody chorus. I don’t see what the Celtic feel (of the clothes and lights) has anything to do with the lyrics of the song… Gosh, the bridge and chorus are awful…  zero points…

Lithuania Monika Linkyte & Vaidas Baumila – This Time
LOVE the dress!! The woooh-oh-ooh-wo-oh is awful! Looove, lo-o-ove, looove…. really? Hated the lights too… only thing nice about this was Monika’s dress;) even the kiss was bad! Got to give them one point for a great show, however!

Serbia Bojana Stamenov – “Beauty Never Lies”
I liked the song until the disco music joined in. Also I feel the chorus came too early in the song… one verse more in the beginning and it wouldn’t feel soooo repetitive… not nice… sorry :/

Norway Morland & Debra Scarlett – A Monster Like Me
LOVE her hair *green with envy* The song is pretty nice, I wouldn’t mind listening to it a few more times 🙂 The instrumental break in the middle calms it all, before erupting in a grande finale chorus – classy! I LIKE!!

Sweden Måns Zelmerlöv – Heroes
(I’ll never get tired of handsome Swedish men 😉 ❤ )
The song has been playing on the radio non-stop already, I can’t bear the thought of it playing any more often!! Sadly the song is nice (and I liked the show). Why does Sweden have to be so good at this!? I can’t help feeling all jumpy when I hear this song!! A strong favourite of mine!

Cyprus John Karayiannis – One Thing I Should Have Done
A nice song, classic love song ❤ Nice and calm, definitely one of the better “slow” songs in the competition!

Australia Guy Sebastian – Tonight Again
Nicenice! Australia should pay a visit more often!!! This feels nothing like a Eurovision song, it’s just happyhappy and GOOD! He sings too good for this competition!! Super repetitive, but it’s okay!

Belgium Loïc Nottet -Rhythm Inside
I didn’t like this when I first heard it, now I really like it! rap-ap-ap-rapapap 😉 Loved the rather weird show, sure to remember!! I don’t feel it’s a winning song,but it’s definitely something fresh and unique!

Austria The Makemakes – I Am Yours
No like… Piano on fire – it’s been done already -.-‘ I honestly have nothing to say…

Greece Maria-Eleni Kyriakou – One Last Breath
I don’t like this… I’ve learned to deal with it after hearing it for a few times, it’s bearable..

Montenegro Knez – Adio
LOVE this one! It feels so genuine, and I love the fact it’s not in English (too much English in these songs!!) Supernice!! I hope they get lots of points 🙂

Germany Ann Sophie – Black Smoke
Why is she wiggling her bum in front of the camera at the beginning?… Anyway, I think she’s gorgeous! She sings well too, sadly I don’t like the song that much … “we only live for smoke”… is she advertising cigarettes?! The giant lamps on the stage reminded me of those hair-heaters you find at hair salons 😛

Poland Monika Kuszynska – In the Name of Love
Tell me again, how did this song make it to the final?!

Latvia Aminata – Love Injected
First of all, I can’t understand what she’s saying… Secondly… it’s either squeaky or screaming?! NO!!

Romania Voltaj – De la capat (All Over Again)
This is a nice song to just listen to.. the stage version was quite, how should I put it, boring? I like the song itself ^^ cute in some way 🙂

Spain Edurne – Amanecer
ABS ON STAGE!! At least momentarily…What do I think of the song… meh?

Hungary Boggie – Wars for nothing
Too political.. nice message, but the song gets boring…”Do you know our earth is a mess?” YES I do, but the song was boring.. pretty, but boring..

Georgia Nina Sublatti – Warrior
Not nice… nothing nice… except for when the song ended!

Azerbajdzjan Elnur Hüseynov – Hour of the Wolf
Once again a song where the verses and chorus don’t go together in any way.. combined with a weird title and dancers straight from Sia’s music videos.

Russia Polina Gagarina – A Million Voices
I can’t help but falling in love with this song. Listen to the voice of this woman!! Classic Eurovision material 😉

Albania Elhaida Dani -I’m Alive
Y U SING SO WEIRD?! Never liked squeaky screaming!! The song was almost nice when watching the music video… Live…Not so much!

Italy Il Volo – Grande Amore
I LOVE THIS ONE!! 12 points any day

I can’t believe people can be this rude! Boo-ing whenever Russia recieved any of the top votes, same as last year! She sang beautifully!! The artists don’t have any say in the political actions of the country… Luckily people seemed to stop the excess boo-ing when they were reminded of the motto of the competition!
Lovely Conchita was beyond wonderful telling Polina she “deserves to be in the lead” because her show was amazing!! Where would we be without Conchita ^^ ❤ It’s a music competition after all 🙂 Nothing worth losing your sleep over 🙂

However, the winner is MUMS-MÅNS from Sweden!!! Precis som Krista uttryckte sig “12 points go to Mums-Måns, Sweden! Vi älskar dig Måns!” 😉



Wildlife rescue on a mental level

While waiting for a bus the other day I suddenly noticed a baby bird hiding in the shrubs on the other side of the road. I’ve studied enough biology to know it was a bird that doesn’t nest on the ground *goes to check the English name…* It was a Fieldfare baby!

This is when my animal saving instincts kicked in! I didn’t know what to do; a) take the bird or b)leave it?
Problems with option a; where do I put it, I still have a lot of running around to do + a one hour trip back home. Will I scare it to the point of a heart attack if I go anywhere near it, and if it runs off and it’s mom finds it will it take the baby back or sump it because it smells human?
Problems with option b; what if it gets hit by a car or killed by a fox, cat, dog or cow?? What if it starves to death or freezes?

As I was weighing the options I saw a mama bird hopping around on a nearby patch of grass looking for worms. Once it had collected a sufficient number of worms it flew to a tree right next to the shrubs! I’m 99.99999…% sure it was the mother of the lonely baby!! I took a closer look at the baby; it had lost nearly all of its baby fluff, it probably fell while stretching its wings…

I’m sure you’re curious as to what I chose to do (if you’re bright you might have come to some sort of conclusion already). I chose to rely on birdy brainpower! I took a piece of croissant and approached the baby – it jumped away, great reaction, it’s not hurt! I left the crumbed piece of croissant next to the shrubs in hopes the mama would find it and notice her baby 🙂

“How will she get it back to the nest?” No idea, probably won’t, but here comes the part that requires some IQ: I’m hoping she would realise it’s her baby and take food to the shrubs! I know it’s probably too much to ask, but one can always hope, right?

I swear had I been carrying a container of some sort the baby would be here munching on earthworms with the froggy duo!

Hope I did the right thing…


Tragedy has struck

I firmly believe I’ve lost my bus card! I remember putting it in the pocket of my jacket yesterday, but I can’t find it anywhere today!!!
Not only would I need it a few tines before summer break, but also (most certainly) during that bloody summer break!
Will continue looking for it… 😦


Why do I love English?

Yes you read right – I LOVE English!
If I’m completely honest I don’t quite know why, so this post will most likely be very weird and sort of… confusing? Anyway, there is a reason for this post  (believe it or not). That reason is as simple as this: there was an English speaking guy on the bus! Before thinking I’m a complete lunatic please take a moment to embrace the fact I’m Finnish.
To make it simple. I. Live. In. Finland.
People. Speak. Finnish. (or Swedish if they’re weird like myself)
Hearing. English. Is. (Perhaps not rare, but definitely and most certainly) Rare.
And I like it. I love it!!
For some strange reason I find it extremely exotic to hear someone speaking in English. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Indian IT-person, a Chinese restaurant owner or an exchange student from wherever, if you speak English loud enough for me to hear I will definitely find you interesting!! (NB! You can’t be a Finn, in that case it just won’t work) If you happen to have an interesting accent even better!
This particular English dude scored high on both points – not Finnish and dat British accent *ah*! (Come on! There is no way I’m the only one who feels this way?!)

So, dear English speaker who travelled to Klaukkala,  Finland 18.5.2015 on a bus that left from Helsinki at 13:25, I just want you to know you, and everyone else who speaks English, are the reason I love English!