I have found my dream bag!

For quite a long while now I’ve been wanting a backpack/rucksack, but I haven’t found one that’s a) big enough and b) a nice colour – search no more! I have found the one!!

It’s the Fjällräven Kånken 17″ Laptop Bag in the colour “Lake Blue”. The laptop-model of the classic Kånken bag is available in 13, 15 and 17″, so why on earth would I go for the 17″ one? Simply because it’s BIG! Isn’t it too big? … Maybe… or not?

My current laptop is 14,4″ and I have a 15″ sleeve for it which is (as you can guess) a tad big. However, I’m not thinking of the size of the laptop pocket, I’m thinking of the general size of the bag.
Plus, the 17″ has an extra reflector at the bottom of the bag, and if you know me at all you’ll know I’m paranoid about being visible in the dark 😉



The more I think about it the 17″ one seems to be the way to go.. Taking into consideration hand luggage for flights, the bigger the bag the better the flight will be! Room for all necessities; books, fuzzy socks, phone, earphones, snacks, everything you need for life! Besides, I’d be using it primarily as a school bag, school means you carry around lots of stuff (and I always carry extra stuff… just in case)!!

This will be the bag I want as a (graduation) present 🙂 What more could I possibly need on my road to (hopefully) university?



We’re moving!

… Into an almost 70 gallon (US)/ 260 litre tank! The previous owners were turtles, so we’ve had to do some cleaning – no one likes turtle poo in their living room, right?, and checking for leaks – we prefer more water than the turtles and it would be a shame to have our walls crash simply because of too much water, right? Right??

Jenny has been the best kind of worker, she is stronger than us, taller than us, and her fingers don’t bend quite as much as ours.20150402_142749

All in all the perfect worker!
She has filled the tank and added some lovely stones she dug up from the yard. She’s also included a lovely piece of wood for us to rest on and under, as well as a lot of our favourite plants! We’ve even heard her say she will get some more plants for us! Yay!

At first we were extremely curious as to what was going on with our future home, but now we’re more into amplexing (google it if you want to, sensitive readers might not enjoy the descriptive details) 😉 We’ve been at it on and off for 3 days now.
Kermit: But you still haven’t layed any eggs?!
Albina: *goes to stare into the corner of the tank* why do you always have to make it seem as though it’s all my fault?
Kermit: *touches A’s booty* I’m sorry 😦
Albina: Did you just touch my butt?! *swims away*
Kermit: *looks confused*   *eats a piece of salmon*

Anyway, we can’t wait to move in to our new home. Sadly it might take a while, because the water has to be properly cycled before we jump in and start pooping all over the place.
Kermit: I try to poop in the plant pots, though… *poops in the middle of the tank*

We’re so excited, and so grateful to Jenny, our best (and only) worker for making sure we get a safe, cozy and perfect new home 🙂 ❤

Jenny took a picture of the tank while she was washing it, to show the size of it. Note that our humans have a BIG bathroom!

Here is our home on it’s second day. Notice those lovely big stones we can rest on and seek shade under, such a thoughtful worker we have 🙂

Here is our home as of today. We’re really happy with the way it’s looking 🙂

Jenny is mumbling to herself about how she should arrange the plants, we’d advise her to calm down and wait until she has all the plants she wishes to have.
Also, we’re really hoping for one of those soap dishes many others have, just to help us keep our little noses above the water to breathe. Not that we find them an absolute necessity, but it would be a nice addition nonetheless 🙂


Last but not least, we wish this little guy all the best.
Kermit: I sure am not that brave – look how many fish there are!
Albina: *thinks to herself: why did I get the wimpy man?*
Kermit: Just look, there’s like a dozen of them! I would have jumped out of there!
Albina *sigh*

Dreamy White Wedding

Ever since me and Monkey started talking about what to do about our relationship (early August 2010) I’ve been dreaming of my wedding-day (don’t all girls do this?). The feeling has only got stronger with Monkey’s friend getting married a while back.

I’ve been dreaming of a traditional church-wedding, of a traditional Indian wedding, of a combination of the two… But most of all I’ve been dreaming of dresses!

Traditional “western” dresses, vintage dresses, “Indian fusion”-dresses, traditional Indian dresses, all kinds of dresses”

perhaps not quite this much?

*ah* ^^ I’m too excited already (NB not getting married now!! Hold your horses 😉 )