15 things you didn’t know about me… maybe!

So, since I’m more or less extremely bored, I figured I could do a “Things you didn’t know about me… maybe”-post. If you’re a very analytical person (or super close to me) you might know some, or all! , of these things.
(warning, some things might be a bit TMI 😛 )

#1 I have way too many playlists on Spotify

#2 I hate it when people complain about being fat when they’re not (same goes for “ugly”)

#3 I’m good at hiding how I feel in front of people

#4 … and I suffer from emotional overloads/breakdowns more often than what I know is healthy for me

#5 I love going to church, but I rarely do

#6 I label people, although I know I shouldn’t… working on that.

#7 I’m afraid of what people think of me

#8 I love to write short stories, but rarely finish them

#9 I have the most regular periods ever! Works like clockwork (and if it doesn’t I’m worried sick until something happens 😛 )

#10 I think in different languages. Swedish, English, Russian (I don’t know how that’s possible, considering my limited skills), French (same as with Russian, guess I just mumble things that sound like French?)

#11 I’ve managed to kill a cactus… I don’t know if I watered it too much, or too little… it shall remain one of the greatest mysteries life has to offer.

#12 I’m addicted to Pinterest! I’ve basically planned my entire life (and the lives of my future kids… creepy)!

#13 I’m 110% sure there’s something fishy in our house… some spirit is certainly haunting either me or the house. *shudders*

#14 A part of me thinks I’m paranoid.

#15 I like to think of myself as a nice person. I try to be good to people, fair, honest, caring and kind. I want to be able to look back at things I’ve done and give myself a pat on the shoulder and say “That’s a good thing you did right there!”

I’m sure someone knew at least one of these!



Why do I want a Baby?

As the followers of Bubzvlogz (on YouTube) know she had a baby on the 28th of August last year. Little baby Isaac is so cute! (and we happen to have the same birthday, only 19 years apart)
Anyway, since I watch her vlogs I’ve been exposed to this cutie baby waaay too much… I mean, it’s not healthy anymore! I’m also a fan of cute things (=clothes, and stuff in general), and what’s cuter than babystuff? Answer: nothing.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, right? Well, here you will have many pictures to answer the title 😉










Obviously I’m in no place to have a baby now! I’ll finish mah studies etc. etc. and get settled, but ^^ babystuff is cute!


Travel around the world with Disney!

Ever wondered where your favourite Disney movies take place? Perhaps you’d like to pay a visit? I know I would!! Oh My Disney (I think?) shared this map a while ago and I’ve been planning my Disneytrip around the world ever since!!

For a higher quality (bigger) image, simply click the map 🙂

Alaska! Brother Bear – such beautiful wilderness *ah-fresh-air*

Hawaii! Lilo and Stitch! I have to learn how to surf 😀

India! For relatively obvious reasons + the Jungle Book!

Africa! The Lion King and all the lovely monkeys of Tarzan 🙂

Norway! Frozen fjords – so pretty, much wow..!

42 Wallaby Way, Sydney –> I have to visit this  place! Australia it is!

I loveloveloved Brave, Scotland! I looove the accent, the hills… *ah*

Gosh, can I just go everywhere? *waiting for the day I have money*


Just Little Things that have happened :)

This has become a daily regime for me – comfort is what counts!

*ah* tea before bedtime, tea at noon, tea in a big cup, tea in a spoon.. (always delicious!)

… is a daily activity *Skype4life*

my furry babies ^^

We’ve had a lot of lovely clear night skies recently (accompanied by Northern “lights”)

Had a lot of practice during finals (you have to sign every. single. paper.)

are simply the best! better than all the rest!

I can’t believe I’m telling this to everyone, but when I saw frozen on Tuesday and “Let It Go” started I was jumping on the inside, screaming like a little girl on the outside… my excitement caught me by surprise and I spent a few seconds questioning myself, but then I had to start singing 🙂 Not my favourite song, but it comes close 🙂

^^ that ammount of love! Although, at our house you’re more likely to sleep next to a fluffy critter than you are to sleep next to a wall, so… it happens

is certainly a lot more fun in winter, but it still looks pretty ^^

This just about sums up my life over the fast few days. *ah* I’m so happy school is over 🙂 Going to start studying again in the weekend – just wonderful isn’t it?


Who would you want to look like?

Sometimes I have those moments of “Gosh, I wish I looked like her..!” (I think we all have them sometimes!) Today I want to share some of the most popular “want-to-be-her-people”. In other words the people I most often wish I looked like 🙂 Why am I having such a hard time putting my thoughts into words?!

Anyway – 4 wonderfully beautiful people I’d love to look like (sometimes 🙂 )

Jennifer Lawrence

I lovelovelove this photo of Jennifer Lawrence ♥

Although I lovelovelove her, I sometimes feel her make-up looks strange.. like it’s not doing her any good (too dark eyeshadow, too much stuff, etc. etc.) Either way she’s beautiful!!

Shailene Woodley

Prettyprettypretty I loved her with long hair, I love her in short! ♥

Emma Watson

The list wouldn’t be complete without her. No explanations needed.
(plus; I grew up wanting to be Hermione!)

Amanda Seyfried

I’ve always found her pretty, can’t point out what exactly it is, but there’s something that makes her unbelievably beautiful (just my opinion 🙂 ).
Not to mention her voice – Mamma Mia, Les Miserables, need I say more? … I didn’t think so!

As I mentioned before, most of the time I’m happy being me, this list applies to those moments we all experience (and don’t lie and say “I never feel that way”, we’re all human, we all feel it!)