The most relatable post EVER!

The most relatable post EVER!

No need for words – one picture is worth more than a thousand of them anyway 🙂


A Typical Saturday: Truth or Dare! + more

Hello everyone!

Soo… today has clearly been exeptionally boring (and non-productive); I watched half a season of Suits (second season), and (just a moment ago) finished watching Danisnotonfire’s truth or dare videos… all 5 of them… + some more super weird videos…

I shared these news on Facebook and (almost) immediately felt it was not the best idea – SO in order to save myself I decided to share the videos themselves on here rather than Fb, as some people might find me even weirder than I actually am (and that’s saying something!)

Here goes (all the videos I watched… I can’t believe I’m doing this..)

And something I watched last night (don’t ask why.. please :P)

… if you’re wondering “Why?!?!” – I watched (a while back) Bubz’s “Birthing video reaction”-video-thing… One thing led to another, and last night I watched the video above this text! Simple as that!

Before that, I watched one of Tyler Oakley’s videos…

Gosh, I’ve had an amazing weekend so far!