Stress vs. a glass of water

I came across this while scrolling down my Facebook news feed, and I think it’s quite ingenious!

I’m the kind of person who tends to do things at the last minute. I know it’s not good for me, but I work a whole lot more efficiently when I know I have to finish something in 20 minutes than by thinking “Still 2 weeks until the deadline”.
In other words, I’m an extreme procrastinator!!

Sometimes I seem to over-assume my capabilities thinking “Yeah I can write a 5 page essay in 10 minutes – no problem!”, and once I start working on it I realize i might have needed an hour more than I first anticipated. Not good.
At those times the last minute strategy results in extreme panic and regret, which leads to me shutting down and not being able to work at all. Not good

I’m trying to get myself to work in a more healthy manner, say I start my project a week beforehand rather than a day… needless to say it’s harder than I thought. There are far too many distractions (Facebook for example).

I will do it!… in time 😛



Caution! Do Not Swallow…

Why do I get the feeling that everything in the US has a “CAUTION!”-notice that’s just dumb!
(I have a book full of stupid cautions; “This cape does not give you super powers”, for example)

Sure, we have caution-notices too, but they’re not this dumb!

“Solvent abuse can kill instantly”, “Do not light on fire, even when empty” (from a deodorant, hairspray or dry shampoo bottle)