“It Is Finished”

Over the Christmas holidays I was on camp called MVV (Midvinterveckan, English; Midwinter week) and Debbie-Ann Bax was there preaching, singing, making the camp absolutely amazing for me. Here’s her song “It Is Finished”.

(Now I’ll return to my studies 😉 )



Good ol’ Chemistry!

mercedes benzene

Yup, it’s time for chemistry once again – YAY (not)!

Redox reactions, electrochemical reactions, protonation, electrolysis, acids and bases, acidic and basic oxides, plastics and polymers and weird Finnish chemical industry-stuff… I can’t wait for this to be
To top it all I think my textbook is in my school locker… at least it’s not in my bookcase! Oh well, LEO says GER is getting me somewhere 😀

Have a chemical day everyone!