Cuteness is……

Cuteness is…

Every now and then I get these little bursts of “cuteness overload”.
This one; Hemppu (cat) lying on his back, in my bed, twisted like a snail, looking at me with biiiig eyes and a goofy expression.
Moral of the story – cats will be cats, cats are cute!

– Jenny Moilanen, 2 minutes ago

FB-status. Cutie cat is cute as ever! He’s spent the last week sleeping in my room, either in my bed or on my sofa (under the bed).

Purring, snoring, farting… basically just being a cat!


New favourite FB-app found!

Yesterday was a magical day for me; I found Bitstrips on FB! (thankyou Monkey for that 😉 I’m already addicted!!

Here are some of my amazing creations:

Basically, you cartoon-inize yourself (and your friends if they haven’t done so already) and get daily comic strips with you and your friends. You can then edit texts, expressions, poses, who’s who, etc. It’s hilarious!!

This is how Monkey felt after I was done yesterday 😀 (NB Monkey = Vishu = le boyfriend, no harm done 😀 )

Have a splendid Sunday everyone