The Joy of Receiving Roses!



Today I celebrated my 18th birthday (which was 28.8) with my grandparents and my godmother (+ her family). Both of them gave me wonderful roses!


(WP automatically downscales the photographs – I’m not techy enough to keep them any bigger)

I just love receiving flowers (especially roses) – they’re beautiful, they light up the room, they smell amazing, and did I mention they’re beautiful? 🙂


  closeup of one of granddad’s roses


Perhaps I’m somewhat ancient..? I don’t think everyone appreciates flowers nowadays?









You’re gonna hear me ROAR

Can anyone tell me why I’m somewhat in love with this song?
Is it that the lyrics are easy to learn (“repetition is the key to learning”?) and that it’s so cheerful and positive?
I also lovelove the challenge that Cassey (you might know her as “Blogilates”) made an awesome abs/thighs challenge to this song?
Oh well, we shouldn’t try to explain everything! Just enjoy the song 😀 I like it!


Philosophy – time for Art!

Philosophy - time for Art!

Haha today during my philosophy class I started drawing this.. I draw those little weird creatures pretty much 24/7, trying to come up with new personalities, expressions, actions, and weird things 😀
I must say I’m very proud of this! I might just scale it up a bit and do this in watercolour!


“You can watch porn” – ?!

Yay, I’m at school again. No class atm.
Before deciding to spend my free time learning some stuff for driving school I had a rather weird (and extremely creepy) thing happen to me;

I was standing next to the stairs trying to convince myself to gather the energy needed to walk to the computers. All of a sudden a guy (who is rather.. unusual?) peered over the railing and asked me if I’d forgot what class I have.
“No, I don’t have any class”
“I’m thinking of what to do..”
“You can watch porn”
“.. I’d rather study traffic signs..”
“That sounds like a much better idea”
“.. uh.. I think so too”

THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE!! Gosh.. I understand tere are people with a different sense of humour (or whatever?), but PLEASE!

Ugh.. I’ll get back to my signs now!

Shout To The Lord!

WOW, I just came across this song on YouTube by mistake and I already know the lyrics! Perhaps it wasn’t just coincidence..
I love these kinds of songs, they make me feel at ease when mental storms stir the peace and quiet of my mind 🙂

Good night!