How to be a Sleeping Beauty

I spent last night on our living-room sofa… I don’t actually know why… Anyway, I expected to wake up feeling like a mop on crack – to my huge surprise I felt relaxed and ready for whatever today might bring! This made me think of a Bubz-video where she gives tips and tricks on how to be a Sleeping Beauty.

(I’ll insert the video here and continue my blabering right below 🙂 )

General rules

  • Keep your bedroom a sacred place only for sleeping
    —> If you don’t have a separate room for studying/working, then at least don’t work in/on your bed! Keep work on your desk!
  • Make sure it’s dark enough
    —> Close the blinds, use your curtains, wear a sleeping eye-mask thing to block any unwanted light!
  • NEVER sleep with your make up on – EVER!
    —> Make sure you remove your make up properly before washing your face!
  • Change your sheets (especially pillow covers) regularly
    —> the less bacteria you have in your sheets the less pimples you’ll get (I change my pillow covers on a weekly basis)

What can you do before sleeping?

  • Don’t eat anything heavy 2-3 hours before sleeping
    —> your stomach will be rumbling all night making it really uncomfortable
  • Also, avoid eating foods rich in sodium right before bedtime
    —> you’ll wake up with a puffy puppy-face
  • Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks 2-3 hours before you sleep
    —> caffeine will keep you awake, sugar will make you thirsty (plus it’s unhealthy ^^)
  • Drink a glass of water (in sips) before sleeping
    —> it will keep you hydrated over night and since you’ll sip it down slowly you won’t wake up with wet pants in the morning 😉
  • Stop using electronic light-up devices (TV, computer, phone) 1-2 hours before sleeping
    —> the light (etc.) stimulates your brain hence keeping it awake, by removing the excess stimuli you’re telling your brain it’s time to cool down for the night
  • A nice, hot bath/shower will help induce sleep 🙂
  • Read a bit
    —> something not too action-filled, something with a positive atmosphere, or something incredibly boring 😉
    REMEMBER to stay away from that computer!!

How can I make myself more comfortable?

  • Clean sheets
  • Keep the temperature lower than the rest of the house
    —> 16-20 degrees Celsius is supposed to be the “best” temperature for sleeping in
  • Keep a scented candle (not lit) near your bed
    —> you’ll drift off to your favourite scent
  • Keep a glass/bottle of water near your bed
    —> if you wake up thirsty you don’t need to start walking to the bathroom –> you’ll fall back to sleep faster

Beautify yourself over night

  • Wear moisturiser
    —> make sure you’ve washed your face
    —> your skin heals during the night so make sure you care for it
  • Dry pimples using toothpaste
    —> make sure the toothpaste has dried before you go to bed
  • Apply a thick coat of lip balm
  • Apply hand-cream
    —> and body lotion on elbows, heels, everywhere 😀
  • Stack your pillows
    —> you’ll avoid puffy eyes and a bloated face
  • Sleep on your back
    —> avoid premature wrinkles and fine lines 🙂

In the morning

  • Finish the glass/bottle of water
    —> your body is dehydrated and slow after sleeping, so a quick fuelling of water is only good 🙂
  • Wash your face
    —> get rid of dead skin cells and any toothpaste you might have put on your face the night before 😉
    —> splash some cold water to close up your pores
  • Get ready to be awesome !!


AH! I feel so rested!
Have a great day (and coming night) everyone 😀



Spider-Man Comic vs. Movie No. 2

I’m not that big of a Spider-Man fan to be quite honest, but I do have some opinions when it comes to costumes and other fancy stuff! Also, I’ve seen all the cartoon episodes of Spider-Man, all of the movies (by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment), and even read some of the comics!
(Yes, my brother was a HUGE fan of Spidey – I think he still is!)

SO I read about the costume change for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 a couple of days ago – I still have no idea why it caught my eye, though. For those of you who haven’t heard of it (or just don’t give a sh*t and really couldn’t care less) .. or for the Spider-Man fans out there who have been without internet for half a year 😛 there’s a comparison down below.

Most noticeable changes (my opinion); larger white eye holes, the spider on his chest is gray as well as the “web”, also the pattern inside the little squares is different. Let’s find a pic with (almost) the entire guy….

 I really like it! Especially the head – they’ve done an amazing job on this one!

Just for the sake of comparing let’s see what the costume looks like in the comics!

I think this picture looks like The Amazing Spider-Man on the left and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the right! In my opinion they really did a great job on the costume for movie No. 2! The way the “web” comes down his face, the large eye-holes, the colours… I still think they could have let the “web” and the spider in front be black, just my personal opinion 🙂

Perhaps I should see the movies… We’ll see what happens 😉


Why is cancer so common?

Why is cancer so common?

I’ve always been interested in biology (and science in general) – especially in what goes on inside our bodies. When I first learned about cancer I was surprised to find out that there’s pretty much nothing our body can do to defend itself! I had always believed that our bodies could heal anything; broken bones, cuts (of course not if your neck is cut straight across or you get shot in the head), hair keeps growing out of our scalp, colds pass, stomach flu is temporary etc. , so it was quite a shock for me to realize that there is something “caused” by the body that it can’t fix.

Now that I’ve learned a whole lot more it seems incredibly interesting to read about the different kinds of treatment available, all the different kinds of cancers, really anything related to it – including this article by BBC.
Although I knew many people are diagnosed with different types of cancer I was shocked at the number of ‘victims’ in the UK alone!!

How common is cancer?

  • More than one in three people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime

  • In 2010 324,579 people in the UK were diagnosed with cancer (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer).

Source: Cancer Research UK


All I can say is I really hope that we’ll find a cure for cancer in some corner of this planet! Also, if you or anyone in your family is fighting cancer don’t give up! Live life to the fullest! Enjoy the little things and find joy in everything 🙂 ♥


Full Moon And Werewolves?

Full Moon And Werewolves?

Well perhaps not werewolves, just influences on sleeping (thankfully).

I’m one of the people who have a hard time sleeping around full moon. This research is like an affirmation to my own observations; even if you don’t see the moon it still affects your sleeping!

Apparently it takes about 5 minutes longer to doze off and you end up sleeping a total of 20 minutes less (in my case those 20 minutes are spent lying awake in between weird dreams..). 
Interesting article on BBC – check it out! (link = first line of this post)


Dancing All the Way On Yellow Brick Road

I’ve been very excited ever since Mom told me I’ll get stuff from Discount Dance Supply for my birthday (pointe shoes, tights etc. .. tight, however, are no longer available form there, so those I’ll need to get from Dancewear Solutions instead), so today I was looking up the stuff I want and decided to post them for you to see 🙂

First off are the lovely Gaynor Minden pointe shoes ! 🙂 I’ve had two pairs; one I outgrew the others were too soft, so they wore out. I’m going to get fitted at Footlight (only store in Finland that sells them) and then order online 🙂

love love love love love … ♥ ♥ ♥

I absolutely love these shoes! The durability (even the softer ones lasted me almost a year), the quietness, the fit, the colour (darker and more peachy pink than any other shoes I’ve ever seen!) – everything!!
I think I’ll need toe wrap, which will also be GM because it’s nicenice, just to avoid any sore spots or pain caused by ingrown toe nails (eww).
Prize: $87.00 (still less than the 125€ they cost here!!)

Next up – wonderful dance bag!

dance bag

(stupid paint – too tiny picture)
All of the reviews on this were positive (only negative thing was that it doesn’t get full no matter how much stuff you put in 😉 ), the colour are delicious (cheesy but true) and I need a bag which would be only for dance… I’d be able to put my warmup stuff in the bag instead of having them all over the floor… 😀


Prize: $12.55





Another “item” by GM – adorable warm-up socks (or ‘paws’ as they call them on their website) Too adorable!

GM Booties

They also have zebras and pink panthers, but I like these the most 🙂 Wool socks make the floor really slippery (I took classes in Helsinki at one time and there was a woman who wore wool socks all the time except for centre and the place she always used was slippery as heck!! I can’t believe she didn’t realize it when another woman almost fell!! )



Prize: $19.12



Next up are two leotards that I lovelovelove!! However, Mom hasn’t agreed on a leotard, so we’ll see.. (plus, one of them is a GM —> = pricy..)

Theatricals Leo

The first one is by Theatricals. It has a pinch in the front and princess seams (haha I know it sounds funny, but it looks good!) Also it’s got thicker shoulder straps (I sort of dislike the strappy ones :S Feels like they’re not really supportive)
It is made of 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex – a combination I really like.



Prize: $15.50 (about 12€ = super cheap over here)



GM Cap SLeeve Leotard


This is the one by Gaynor Minden.  —>

It is a cap sleeved one with a V-neck and a pinch in the front. This one is made of a blend of Tactel and Lycra, both of which are nice “leotard materials” (I have one Lycra-leotard and one Lycra-Tactel mix 🙂 )

As I said, the GM one is pricy… Price: $41.65 … (about 32€, which is the normal price around here)

really love both of these… perhaps I can persuade Mom into buying this if I agree on paying 1/2 or 2/3 🙂


Then I also found some AMAZING message T-shirts (dance-themed of course 😉 )
I know I’m able to make all of these myself, all I need are 3 solid coloured shirts and some time at art-school 😉 (or textile markers/paints)
UntitledHaha I love the “Dancers turn out better” because it’s true! I have a turnout of about 130-150 degrees (depends on how you look at it) – still a work in progress on holding on to that on a single leg and while jumping around and turning and doing all kinds of crazy stuff 🙂
The thing with most “not-dancers” is that they turn out from the knees or ankles, while it should be coming from your hips (180 degree turnout from the hips.. ouw.. )

“Like a Sport. Only Harder.” I don’t know if it’s true since I don’t really do any sports (basketball, hurdles, soccer, etc. ), but I know that ballet is tough and painfully hard!! (and beyond amazing and beautiful)

The last one is just perfect – what a message!! I love to dance – not hip hop or street or anything like that, but ballet and contemporary/modern dance (never tried jazz, but it looks nice, so I might just get interested 😉 )
I don’t know how many litres of sweat I’ve left behind during my 14 years of dancing (sorry, TMI), I’ve got some scratches and occasional nosebleeds (someone’s leg flew against my nose, bumped my knee on my nose (or nose on knee hmm), etc.), but never broke any bones (thank god for that!) – I never stopped dancing! If anything I feel more motivated after a little bit of “blood, sweat and tears”. It’s amazing!

Here’s a little ‘list’ of things I would like to get (willing to spend my own money if I have to!). Lovely little friends of mine, you’re more than welcome to give me a few euros instead of buying me gifts! Haha also, if you were planning on buying me suspicious drinks (I am turning 18 after all) you can give me the money instead, since I won’t drink your drink anyway 😛 Everyone’s happy 😀

Now I’m off to get my beauty sleep (I need to hibernate for years!!) Hahahaha

//jz 😀