Summer and absence

Yeaa.. Title says a lot about what has been happening; summer!!! Which leads to me sleeping all day and talking to Monkey all night 😉

Also I’ve been working on a huge project (can’t say any more about it at this point) and trying to keep my mind off of the school drama… Not going too great! (little post coming up with a bit of news from that side of my life 🙂 )

Tomorrow Axe will come and visit me here in the forest – party time!!! xD so not, but still 😀

Posting again tomorrow 😀 AND a little one coming right after this!



Technology Helping The World… Or Not!

Today it happened – my lovely VAIO has got its first major problem.

It all started with me trying to wake up my computer in the morning. I did nothing out of the ordinary, but the damn screen wouldn’t light up after the “resuming Windows” had appeared. I could see the screen was brighter than when it was turned off, all the little lights were blinking yet the darney thing wouldn’t work.

I tried taking out the battery and pressing the power-button – no results. I tried connecting to an external screen using HDMI – no results. Then I ended up using my brother’s iPad, but it was just terrible (yes, I’m using my lappy now).

I waited for a few hours and let my lappy charge itself – voila!

Good God, I got scared that there was something seriously wrong!! I was mentally preparing myself for having to buy a new lappy – thankfully it worked out just fine 🙂


Amazing deal of the year!

Since I didn’t get a summerjob despite of applying to tons of places Mom promised me that if I take care of stuff around the house (laundry, vaccuuming, dishes, making food etc.) she will double my pocketmoney! I get 50€/month, and she said she’s willing to give me 50-60€ extra depending on how much/what I do 😀 YAY happy unemployed student!

Currently I’m using my brother’s iPad – my lovely lappy has died… or atleast the screen isn’t cooperating with me 😦 There is going to be a very detailed description of the events in just a moment 🙂 (it takes forever to write on this thing… it works really fast until it decides to lag and demands me to refresh the page and blahblah…)

Soo happy I don’t need to work on one of these things all the time… Although… If my lappy really is dead this may be my only option for now *shocked expression*


That moment.. in the bank!!

*sigh* today I was supposed to spend my time trying to get some money by going to two banks to redeem (?) my scholarships in the form of checks from primary school (from 2005, 2007 and 2008 – 10 + 20 + 30 €) and also go get my VISA Electron, since I lost my previous one in Russia.

Well, the bank that’s supposed to give me 20 + 30 € has changed its name, so I had no idea if they’ll be able to give me the money – also, I couldn’t find a single one of them anywhere! If I was  lucky enough to find one, they wouldn’t have the cashier-services – or whatever-the-heck that’s called. I thought there would be one in Grankulla (Kauniainen in Finnish and English), but NO there’s a Danske Bank at the spot where this stupid OP-Pohjola used to be – *sigh*. And the OP-Pohjola that I did find didn’t have the cashier services…

At least there was still Aktia (= the bank that has my VISA Electron and owes me 10€) – there was still hope for me! Or maybe not. Apparently, since I’m not 18 I wasn’t allowed to redeem the 10€ check without the presence of a parent/guardian.  Also, since there had been no sort of agreement with my parents that I was allowed to get my card without their presence I couldn’t even get my card (I’m 2 months and 25 days away from being 18 – I cannot wait!) !!

Thankfully Mom came to pick me up, so we got the card and the 10€ – then we drove to Nummela to the OP-Pohjola there and got a lecture by the bank-woman on how we could also have redeeemed the 20+30 from Aktia and blablabla – *sigh*.

So much for trying to be all grown up and mature and independent! Screw you banks! 

Then I spent 160€ on the cutest jug ever! 
Finnish design by Arabia – a lovely polar bear from 1883-1992 (I guess). Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about it (aka photos + some history 😀 )

Now I’m off to start being social – time to call Monkey and tell him to come online!