Enjoying what you have = a crime?!

A lot has been going on and I’ve done a lot of thinking-work besides my schoolwork, hence the lack of blogging! (please excuse me ^^)

I will later go on to tell the long-as-earth story, but today I got the news (through a kind of letter) that seeing me happy makes this girl I’ve been in a conflict with extremely mad/irritated/angry/annoyed.. I honestly find that kind of insulting/ignorant/whatever-the-appropriate-word-might-be! Lemme explain my opinions…

I work extremely hard to live my life by a few simple rules (or quotes rather):



Basically, I’ve always tried my hardest to keep smiling 🙂

However, this “letter” that I got today momentarily managed to make me feel like being happy about the small things in life (as well as being happy for no apparent reason) would be a bad thing to do – a crime?!

Luckily my values and opinions caught up with my brain before anything changed inside me. What I mean is that in my opinion you should always be happy for the fact that people around you are happy, even if you yourself can’t manage a smile at that very moment.

I still think that the above statement (check picture) is perfectly true – when you’re happy you should smile! That way, your smile will help unhappy people feel a bit better and give smiling a go ^^

Now, let’s be real for a while… I completely understand that when a person’s anger is so deeply rooted that they pretty much wouldn’t mind if you were alive or not (they might rejoice your sudden death.. NB! I’m not being suicidal – we’re over that!!) it can be very hard to feel happy for them… but you can always try to find that little bit of stardust we all have within us!


P.S. as mentioned I will do my best to give you a somewhat detailed explanation to what has been going on for almost half a year (OMG…) I’ll be here tomorrow again ^^


New Haircut!!

YAY I went to the hairdresser at 8 in the morning today looking like this:


(actually taken a few days back)

And wanted my hair to look like this (on the right side only, I want to keep the left side longer):


NB! This is not me!

This is what I came out looking like 🙂 :

Image1098         Image1096


YAY I’m soooo pleased! I can finally breathe again 🙂 Haha, I mean my hair is now totally in summer-mode (although I think it’s still a bit thick around the top of my head… Oh well, we’ll deal with that later 😀


(LOL why is WordPress suggesting me ”Jennifer Aniston” as a tag?)

Haba haba mucho – or maybe not?

Heh.. I know the title is quite random but whatcha gonna do ’bout it 😀

I’ve been watching MTV all morning (I’m sick – ear infection and a cold) and I just realized some of the men jumping around and “singing” make my face scrunch together like a raisin. I just couldn’t help but wonder why this happens, so I started analyzing and I came up with a rather random realization; I don’t like watching guys that look like a bunch of balloons. Let me explain..

By “a bunch of balloons” I mean something like this:

:S ewws

eww… I mean LOOK at this :S
















As a matter of fact I’ve always thought of bodybuilders (both male and female) as really ugly-looking people – whatever they’re doing is unnatural!!

This is another thing about the balloonmen I find utterly disgusting; trained man-boobs!

Only good thing about this is that the poor guy in the picture above won’t need to wear a bra (Y) Other than that I think it looks just hideous… Way to go mate!

Moving towards something that’s at least a bit more acceptable; the stage where you can still sort of move around and fit through doors without having to walk sideways.

Still those darn trained man-boobs! (and the weird hip-ab-gap!)

(I tried to find a picture of the ideal bodybuild but it seems I’m all alone with my opinions, so sadly there was no pictures I could find..)

… (*giving it one more try*)… Sorry, no perfect pics 😛

The Ideal Male Body – torso (according to me).. (this is really weird to write 😛 )

– just the right ammount of muscle, not flabby, but not rock.hard and balloon-like either

– no trained man-boobs!

– no weird hip-ab-gap!

– a sixpack, but not a washboard! (aka yes to abs, no to rocks)

– trained arms, but not balloons!

yay you’ve just had the joy of reading a bunch of total nonsense – hope you enjoyed it 😉 ( 😛 )


– I started writing this a few days back, it’s not like I took a break from studying to write THIS!! In ase you were wondering 🙂

Physics… and mold?!

So I was studying some physics (exam on Tuesday) and here’s what jumped on me!


Just a normal page… with something in the middle…

Let’s zoom in a bit…



Yuk.. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s not a normal on the paper – I can scrape it off, but then theres still a nasty stain… and the text underneath has been completely consumed by whatever the heck this is… gross!

Anyhow, have a good day folks – I’ll return to my waves and optics now …


LGBT Rights are Human Rights

The UN Human Rights Office’s message on this International Day Against Homophobia. It always warms my hear seeing people who truly care about these issues – I truly care about these things too! Sadly I don’t quite know what I can do to help our modern society move away from the rather medieval views we have when it comes to homosexuality (+bisexuality and transsexuality), so I just share and share and share these kinds of videos and links everywhere I possibly can hoping it’ll make a difference 🙂