Chicken Dance – Happy Easter everyone!!

Haha I expect all of you to dance to this all easter long!! Traditionall easter-thing up here in the northern wilderness 😉 😀


Up In the Air

A song Spotify suggested for me 😀 I’ve always liked 30 Seconds To Mars and this song is a great explanation to why 😀 SO AWESOME!! Way to go guys!

(haha I also realized the title of the song goes excellent with my current theme :P)

The one about stickmen

*sigh* for too long have I battled with the feelings I have surrounding my weight – I can’t remember ever feeling “skinny”. Even now, looking at primary school students I can’t seem to imagine myself ever looking like them: legs that look like bending sticks, arms thinner than noodles and flat like planks from the side (and very plank-like from the front too).

In a way it almost disgusts me to see kids that are thin! And the second these thin kids reach the age of 10 they start complaining about how ‘fat’ they are! That’s sickening!

I used to feel pretty “normal” during the first grades of primary school – from the day I was able to criticize myself to the year I turned 9 or 10 I used to feel “normal”. That was the year I became self-aware and conscious as hell! I hated going swimming with school (still do) because I had a problem with the way my thighs looked (still do) – I’m sure the teacher found all of us just as normal (she wasn’t skinny herself).

Then I grew quite a bit taller and I felt a bit better although I still had a bad image of my body; mostly my thighs and stomach (which are still my “problem areas” if that’s a suitable thing to call them (?)).

I think I’ve always known how to dress for my body, so I’ve never looked as heavy as the scale suggested. This, I think, is what has led me to where I am now – nearly 80 kg and according to BMI‘s I’m close to being obese. Yet I don’t look like I’d weigh in at 80 any day (personal opinion). The school nurse told me (a year ago, I weighed 73 kg) that I should weigh in at 65 in order to be of ‘normal weight’. Sixty-fucking-five!! That’s nearly 15 kg less than I am now. Where does one slice all of this weight away from? I could possibly get down to 73 by toning down a bit, but 65 is what I weighed during the last grades of primary school!! That’s  close to the stone age on the timeline of my life!

However, I’ve managed to drop a few kilos. Still nowhere near the 65-mark. I’m afraid I’ll end up looking like the stickpeople of today’s sickening society! It grosses me out when people have thighs as thin as their calves, which are usually about as thin as their arms. I just can’t stand it. Because of my strong views on beauty, and my equally strong views on how sick I find real-life stickmen, I haven’t been able to gather the courage I need to allow myself to lose weight.

There was a time in my life when I was really jealous of the stickpeople, but now that I’ve found my way in life I realize I have nothing to be jealous for! Instead, I am currently trying to lose weight slow and steady – not by rapid changes in diet and lifestyle, but by slowly and gradually  improving both of them equally!




Save The Elephants

Fashion for a cause! I’m totally going to buy a shirt or two and wear them with pride!


  Elephants have existed on this planet for millions of years and only two species remain—the African and the Asian elephant.  Now, the world’s largest terrestrial animals are being threatened due to international demand for their tusks. 

African elephants are currently found in 37 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Once reaching 1.3 million African elephants in 1979, there are only an estimated 500,000 – 700,000 left in the world, as a result of the ivory trade.

Asian elephants are found primarily in large parts of India, Sri Lanka, Indochina peninsula, and parts of Indonesia. There are fewer than 50,000 Asian elephants left in the world. 

Elephants are killed for their ivory, which is used for crafts, such as carvings, ornaments, combs, jewelry, and chopsticks. Diminshing elephant populations, public outrag,e and fear for the survival of elephants led to an international ivory trade ban in 1989. However, due to the combination…

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